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Things to know before a trip to Cape Town – Travel Guide

Twelve Apostles mountain in Camps Bay, Cape Town

South Africa is a country famous for its rich history and world-famous sights that fascinate people. And those who come to this land, they all have a trip to Cape Town as the best way to learn about the country, its people as well as to have relaxing moments for themselves when coming to South Africa. Let Trip & Wellness point out a few things about South Africa before going on a trip!

What kind of city is Cape Town like?

Referring to African countries, most people often give this place an unfriendly look. However, you will be surprised to know that Africa is more beautiful than you think. That beauty is very typical in the South African city of Cape Town.

Table Mountain aerial, Cape Town
Source: istockphoto

If you are a travel lover, Cape Town is no stranger to you when this name in the top 100 most beautiful cities in the world. Not only possessing a majestic natural landscape, Cape Town is also impressed by its wealth and greatest growth. As the legislative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is also home to the National Assembly and many other important national institutions.

As a city with a developed economy, endowed with great beauty by nature and with a rich and diverse culture and culinary paradise, Cape Town is a destination which attracts many tourists. travel in the world. So, are you ready to find out with us the exciting things for your trip to Cape Town?

What time of year is the trip to Cape Town?

When traveling to South Africa, you can be completely assured that the climate is extremely pleasant in this country. South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, so the weather is not too cold or too hot all year round, the temperature is always mild and cool. Therefore, a trip to Cape Town, South Africa at any time of the year, TripandWellness believes that you will have a worthwhile experience.

Jacaranda Tree, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

If calculated according to the season, the winter time in South Africa will start from June and last until the end of August, spring starts from September to November, the temperature ranges from 12-16 degrees. The winter-spring climate is not too cold, so many people think that summer in Cape Town will be extremely hot. However, your thinking is completely wrong. The average summer temperature here is only about 25 degrees, which is extremely cool and pleasant!

Trip and Wellness advice for you, the best time to take a trip to Cape Town is during the summer and spring.

Guide to using means of transport in the city of Cape Town

Before deciding to have a trip to South Africa, there are quite a few people who are still wondering about the road system here. Most people often think that in Cape Town people’s life is quite difficult, so the infrastructure here is not good. Coming to the place, you will find that Cape Town has developed a lot more modern than you think.

To save time as well as avoid getting lost when visiting the city, you can use the following 2 types of means of transport:

Self-drive car rental

drive car
Source: gettyimages

If you are confident in your ability to memorize the road and want the freedom of sightseeing, you can rent a self-drive car. In some hotels and motels, this type of service is also available. To be more sure, you can also buy a map to easily check the way if you do not have confidence in google maps.

Use a taxi

Cape Town taxi
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In Cape Town, you will find many taxi companies running on the street to serve tourists. However, compared to driving by yourself, although taking a taxi will help you find the way, there may be some situations such as price pressure or robbery. Therefore, before getting in a taxi, you will be very alert and observe carefully.

Cape Town Hotels

The problem of sleeping is not too big during a South African trip in Cape Town. The city has many high-quality hotels and restaurants for you to choose from. To facilitate your trip, you can research hotels in Cape Town in advance before going. And to help you somewhat, here are the hotels and motels that Trip & Wellness offers for you to choose to rest:

Homebase Cape Town Backpacker

Homebase Cape Town Backpacker
Source: tripadvisor

This hotel is located in a prime location which is very close to famous tourist attractions as well as the city center. Not to mention the prices here are also very good and ensure the quality of the services.

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ONOMO Hotels Cape Town Inn on the Square

ONOMO Hotels Cape Town Inn on the Square
Source: onomohotels

This is a hotel located right in the center of Cape Town which makes it easy for you to visit places in the city such as the church or the square. This hotel is located at 10 Greenmarket Square.

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Man and tree house

Man and tree house, Cape Town
Source: booking

Just hearing the name, you already think this hotel is special, right? This will be the ideal stopover if you want to find a place where you can fully enjoy the dreamy beauty of the Cape of Good Hope. To book a room at the hotel, you can go to the address at 125A Waterkant street, De Waterkant

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Famous dishes not to be missed when coming to Cape Town

Not only natural beauty, diverse culinary culture is also the reason why Cape Town becomes so special in the eyes of visitors. Although possessing a culinary paradise with a variety of dishes, the dishes that TripandWellness are about to introduce below are specialties that you cannot miss during your trip to South Africa and especially in Cape Town:


Mavrou, South Africa
Source: Taste

Mavrou can be said to be the typical dish of Cape Town people and has become one of the typical specialties of this city. When processing, beef will be pre-seasoned with ginger, garlic, and pepper, then cooked into a curry with a rather strong flavor and not easy to eat in the typical South African style. However, your taste buds will change immediately when enjoying that Mavrou.

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup
Source: istockphoto

When enjoying Minestrone, you can see this soup has a strong Italian style. However, people in the city especially love this dish and consider it as a typical dish of Cape Town. That’s why if you ask people, a lot of people will recommend this dish to you. With a harmonious taste, easy to eat, you will surely enjoy it so much that you eat a few more bowls.

Popular places to visit in Cape Town

As a land favored by nature for its majestic mountainous landscape, Cape Town is the perfect combination between natural scenery and modern beautìul in the social life of people. Whether you are a lover of peace or love to explore and challenge yourself, a trip to Cape Town is an ideal trip for you.

Cape Town at night
Source: gettyimages

Coming to Cape Town, going up the mountain or going to the sea, we should try at least once because this will leave you with great experiences that you will never forget. What are the must-visit landmarks in Cape Town? In order not to regret, quickly take note of the places that TripandWellness suggests below:

Table Mountain – The majestic beauty

If you ask people what the symbol of Cape Town is, the answer is Table Mountain. Seen from above, you will see a large, high mountain range lying behind the city, exuding a terrifyingly majestic beauty. The people of Cape Town respect and are so proud of Table Mountain that, in Cape Town tourism posters, you will always see the image of this mountain present.

With a wild, majestic but equally dreamy beauty, Table Mountain is a tourist attraction that attracts many tourists to visit. Therefore, to ensure safety as well as support the movement of visitors, the city’s cable car system and pedestrian walkway are also heavily invested by the city. Therefore, it will be easier for you to discover the unique beauty of this mountain range.

Table Mountain, Cape Town
Source: istockphoto

Standing from the top of Table Mountain, the whole city will shrink into your view. At this time, what you feel is not only the vastness and overwhelmingness, but you will feel your soul is liberated and free from fatigue and afflictions.

Robben Island

Not far from the city is the beautiful island of Robben, a place where if you have set foot in Cape Town, you must also come here. If you look at it from above, you will see that Robben has a shape like a maple leaf, very poetic.

The total area of ​​Robben Island is quite small, only about 5km2. However, this is a place where there are many mysteries and interesting things waiting for you to discover. There are 2 typical and famous places throughout the island that every tourist who comes here must check – in. It is the memorial site of Moturu Kramat and the Minto lighthouse. These are all historic buildings and were built a long time ago.

Robben Island, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

In Robben, the buildings are only built on one side. Therefore, although the area is not large, you will find that the space here is very vast, because there are many houses. Standing on the island, you will admire the magic of nature at sunrise or sunset on the sea.

Long Street

If you want to temporarily put aside the peace and want to integrate into the exciting and attractive life in the city, then go to Long Street, the busiest street in Cape Town. Walking on this road, you not only feel excited by a space full of life, crowded with passersby, but also by the wonderful architectural works stretching both sides of the road. I was also overwhelmed when walking on this street.

Long Street in Cape Town
Source: istockphoto

Trip to Cape Town, if you go to Long Street, you will have the opportunity to admire the Parliament building – one of the headquarters of South Africa and the city hall. Besides, there are also many commercial centers with a variety of goods so that you can comfortably shop for yourself and bring back souvenirs.

Bo Kaap

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
Source: istockphoto

The colorful houses, red, purple, yellow, running along a street will make you surprised and dreamy. Though only in comic books, you can completely see this rainbow-colored neighborhood when traveling to Cape Town, which is Bo Kaap.

In this neighborhood, each house is painted a different color and their tones really stand out. From orange, pink to blue, purple, yellow, … the interweaving of many colors makes you visit will feel excited, extremely excited. For those who love virtual life, do not hesitate to come to Bo Kaap immediately when traveling to South Africa.

Cape Town Coast

A trip to Cape Town without going to the beach would be a big mistake. The city is surrounded by emerald green coastline, extremely eye-catching. In particular, Cape Town beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Even right next to it is the famous Camps Bay.

In particular, because it is a place that attracts many tourists to visit, the beach is always full of all kinds of services that you need. From renting bathing suits, swimming buoys to bars, cafes, restaurants located along the sea. Just thinking about enjoying the feeling of playing in the waves, lying on the beach sunbathing, you feel extremely excited, right?

Cape Town is indeed a very beautiful city and deserves to be in the top 100 most famous cities in the world. Not only endowed with beautiful beauty by nature, Cape Town also makes its own mark by the hospitality of the people and the rich, diverse and attractive culture and cuisine. It would be worth it to not take a trip to Cape Town at least once in a lifetime. So are you ready to set foot in this beautiful city?


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