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Things to Know Before a trip to Morocco – Travel Guide

alleyway in chefchaouen, morocco

Morocco is the 3rd most popular destination for international travelers and it is also a Muslim country where alcohol, pork and dogs are not permitted. The majority of Moroccans speak Arabic but French is widely used too.

If you’ve ever read the book One Thousand and One Nights, you probably picture the shape of Morocco in your mind. I am sure that if you have a trip to Africa, you will be completely captivated by the beauty of Morocco. The following Trip & Wellness hopes to help you visualize this beautiful country in detail.

Morocco – The Land of One Thousand and One Nights stories

Morocco if reading in Arabic will be Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah whose name also comes from the geographical location of Morocco when it is located on the northwest coast of Africa and has ports on two large coasts which are the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

ait benhaddou
Source: istockphoto

When it comes to Morocco, there’s a lot that can be said about this country. From the stories “One Thousand and One Nights” into the childhood of many generations, the romance in the romantic movie Casablanca is more realistic than the beauty of the desert, the islands and the lives of people here. If you have the opportunity to come to Morocco, I think you will love this country more because of the valuable experiences that it brings to you when you come.

tangier city beach morocco
Tangier City Beach/ @istockphoto

Rabat is the capital of Morocco but the biggest, busiest and most famous city is Casablanca. As the 3rd Arab country in terms of population coming to this country, you will quickly be integrated with an extremely rich and dynamic Moroccan life. Famous as one of the countries you should explore when coming to Africa, what makes Morocco so attractive and attractive? Let Trip and Wellness reveal some good things to you!

What is the best season to visit Morocco?

Morocco is located in the west, right in the Mediterranean climate, so the summer is usually very hot and dry with the highest temperature is usually in the Sahara Desert and in the winter it is quite wet and wet. Based on the climate characteristics in the seasons of the year, you can choose the right time to book a trip to Morocco.

Morocco in the Summer

In Morocco, Summer usually begins in June and ends in August. At this time, Morocco is no different from a pan of fire, but the Sahara desert is the central location with extremely fierce heat.

Camels Dunes, Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert
Camels & Dunes, Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert/ @gettyimages

Not only in the desert if you walk along the highlands on the Atlantic coast, but you will also immediately feel the heat burning your skin. Even in the city of Casablanca and the region of Essaouira, the heat cannot be extinguished.

However, with such terrible summer weather, there are still a lot of tourists coming to Morocco. Trip & Wellness advice is that you should wear long and loose clothes to ensure coolness and protect your body. protected from ultraviolet rays.

Morocco in Winter

winter in morocco

With such a hot Summer, Winter in Morocco is not too cold. Winter will start in November and end in February, in the south it is pleasant and the north is cloudy and wet. However, if you come to Morocco this season and want to see the snow, you can go to the High Atlas mountains. Although Moroccan winters are mild, the High Atlas is extremely cold and snowy.

Morocco in Autumn and Spring – The most beautiful season of the year

erfoud morocco
Erfoud, Morocco/ Source: Tadd Debbie

Morocco in Spring or Autumn is the time to become the most splendid. During this time, the temperature in Morocco is extremely harmonious and mild. Particularly, the image of the city, the natural scenery becomes bright with the blue, high and clear sky. The images of Spring then will be clear in your mind when you have a trip to Morocco.

Quality airlines flying to Morocco

Source: gettyimages

The fastest, most compact and lightest way to travel to Morocco is probably by air. Some quality airlines moving to Morocco that you can refer to are:

Thai Airways

Turkish Airlines

Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Etihad Airways


Depending on the airline you choose, the cost of travel as well as the flight time will vary. Therefore, you can learn more information about the above airlines to easily choose the type of service that suits your needs.

Where to go to Morocco to feel the full beauty of this city?

If you’ve decided to book a trip to Morocco, we’re sure you’ll never regret it. The scenic spots in this country will make you go from one surprise to another. Here are the places that Trip and Wellness recommend you can’t miss when you have a trip to Morocco:


grande mosquee hassan II
Source: gettyimages

If you are a movie lover, you may have heard the name of the famous romantic movie Casablanca. This famous movie tells about a beautiful love attached to Casablanca – a city of the same name. When you first see the whole city, you will immediately see the silhouette of the once-famous movie in it.

Casablanca is breathtakingly captivating by the perfect combination of traditional classical beauty and the breath of modern times. From architectural works of art, high-rise buildings, squares and other small things have created a dreamy Casablanca but also full of sharpness.

Not only is the economic city with the most potential for development in Morocco, but this is also one of the places that are extremely loved and impressed by tourists when they have a trip to Morocco.

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Marrakech Medina

If you want to see Morocco under the beauty of a medieval woman, you will go to Marrakech Medina – a vibrant, bustling, and bustling ancient city. Coming to Marrakech Medina, the bustle here will make you think that the whole city is gathered here and active throughout the day.

djemaa el fna square in marrakesh
Source: istockphoto

In particular, you should stop by the big square Djemaa el-Fna Square in the evening. As soon as it gets dark, you will see musicians playing traditional instruments, vendors and street circus groups everywhere. Particularly, the snake-controlled flute will be a performance that you cannot miss. Just spending one night here, you will have to say that in Marrakech Medina every day is a festival.

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Kasbah of the Udayas – A peaceful neighborhood full of freshness

Another ancient city with a space completely opposite to Marrakech Medina that you can’t miss is Kasbah of the Udayas – fresh peaceful green. On a trip to Morocco, you will hear people talking about different old towns and in each story, the name Kasbah of the Udayas will always appear.

kasbah of the udayas
Source: istockphoto

If you go deep into the rows of houses, you can see that white and blue are the two main tones associated with the colors of the flowers. As soon as you see such blue-and-white painted houses, your soul will surely be filled with strangely peaceful emotions. If you want to find a place to relax and relieve your fatigue, which is the ideal place for you to stop?


If your trip to Morocco is in the Summer, do you know the perfect place to avoid the scorching heat here? The name Essaouira would be a destination for many people. Essaouira is a town near the sea, so the temperature here is much milder than inside the city.

Morocco's port city is Essaouira
Source: istockphoto

Not only poetic with white sandy beaches, Essaouira is also impressed by the rows of houses painted in red and blue. If you rest here, you will also have the opportunity to visit the citadel and enjoy the Gnawa traditional music performed by the locals.

Mediterranean coast

morocco mediterranean coast
Source: morocco-adventures

A trip to Morocco without going to the Mediterranean Sea is considered incomplete when coming to this country. Not only can you admire the breathtaking natural scenery, you can also participate in many interesting water sports such as swimming, fishing or rowing. Swimming in the sea, dispelling the hot heat of Morocco will be an extremely beautiful memory in your trip.


Fez – where you can learn all about medieval Morocco and Africa. Because of the unique features in this city, many people still refer to Fez as the Athens of Africa.

fez tannery, Morocco
Source: istockphoto

Morocco has beautiful scenery, culture, fun and you can’t miss the food. If you have tried the famous traditional Moroccan dishes once, you will never forget the wonderful taste. Right here, Trip & Wellness will introduce to you 5 must-try dishes during your trip to Morocco:

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Moroccan fava bean soup

One of the famous specialties in Morocco that you can taste is B’ssara soup. This is a soup made from beans, olive oil and a very special spice that is only found in Morocco called cumin. To fully enjoy the flavor of this soup, you can use it with bread when having breakfast. Particularly, the price of these soup bowls is extremely cheap, so you can eat freely without worrying about the price.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine
Source: istockphoto

Another very unique dish that you can enjoy during your trip to Morocco is Chicken Tagine. To create the perfect Chicken Tagine, the locals cook them in a conical clay pot with a special recipe. Coming to Morocco, you can see Chicken Tagine appearing in the vast majority of restaurants from popular to high-end or even roadside cafes.

Chermoula Fish

Chermoula Fish
Source: istockphoto

With the advantage of having a coastline bordering two oceans, the seafood in Morocco is extremely rich. There is a variety that is very famous and very popular with the locals, the Chermoula. From this fish, the Moroccans can make a lot of different special dishes, mainly with a combination of herbs and charcoal for grilling. Depending on the sauce used, you can feel the rich flavor of this fish.


Moroccan Tomato, Lentil, and Chickpea Soup
Source: istockphoto

Harira is a special soup that is used a lot during the holy month of Ramadan. If you take a trip to Morocco on this occasion, you will see these soups popping up in a lot of places. When enjoying, you should serve with a biscuit called Chebakia to feel the perfect flavor between the lamb and the beans of the soup.

Kefta Tagine

Kefta Tagine is a dish made from minced beef (sheep), mixed with necessary vegetables, then rolled into balls and cooked with tomatoes and onions. When eaten with eggs, this dish will bring a very delicious, greasy taste.

Moroccan Kefta Tagine
Source: istockphoto

The things that Trip & Wellness mentioned above are just very small things that we have compiled and sent to you. Therefore, if you want to understand more about the beauty and culture of this “One Thousand and One Nights” country, book a trip to Morocco to feel it firsthand.

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