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9 Best Resorts in Huntsville, Ontario

At the core of Muskoka lies the charming town of Huntsville, the largest community in the region and best places to visit in Ontario. Renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, Huntsville is a hotspot for purchasing summer homes in the coveted “cottage country.” Visitors and locals alike are drawn here by an array of attractions, […]

The 16 Best Resorts in Ontario, Canada

16 Best Resorts in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is not just home to some of North America’s finest attractions, like the breathtaking Niagara Falls that captivates visitors worldwide. It is also a destination where you can indulge in some of Canada’s best resort experiences. Spanning this expansive province, significantly larger than the UK, you will encounter a diverse range of accommodations, from […]

11 Best Resorts on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

11 Best Resorts on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Situated just a ferry ride away from the BC mainland and the city that shares its name, Vancouver Island serves as a microcosm of all the greatness that Canada has to offer. Not only is it expansive – nearly equivalent in landmass to Ireland – but it also encompasses some of the most breathtaking scenery […]

The 11 Best Resorts in Muskoka, Ontario

The 11 Best Resorts in Muskoka, Ontario

Fondly known as “cottage country” in Ontario, Muskoka has served as a summer haven for North Americans seeking an authentic Canadian vacation for well over a century. Initially drawn to this expansive region for its pristine lakes, dense forests, and abundant wildlife, the first visitors to the area were lodged in rustic log hunting and […]

The 19 Best Ski Resorts in the World

The 19 Best Ski Resorts in the World

Evolving from its origins as a pursuit for daring mountaineers, skiing has transformed into a widely embraced winter activity suitable for the entire family. Ski resorts worldwide have adapted to this demand, incorporating hotels, restaurants, après-ski entertainment, and an array of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. However, for skiing enthusiasts, the paramount factor remains the […]

The 8 Best Hotels in Calgary, Alberta 2024

The 9 Best Hotels in Calgary, Alberta 2024

Renowned for hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics, an event that significantly enhanced its global status, Calgary stands as Alberta’s largest city and is celebrated for its high-quality hotels. Nestled between the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west and the expansive prairies to the east, the “Stampede City” maintains a touch of its frontier-town charm, […]

11 Best Ski Resorts in Canada, 2024

Best Ski Resorts in Canada

While ski resorts are scattered across the country, the premier skiing in Canada is nestled in the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta. The snow-clad peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the Coast Mountains house world-class ski resorts, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe, as well as smaller resorts cherished primarily by locals. Whistler Blackcomb, […]

The 10 Best Resorts in Banff National Park, Canada

Banff town serves as the hub for all the resorts in Banff National Park, situated at the park’s southern end. This vibrant, compact town is encircled by the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies and caters to the influx of tourists exploring Banff National Park. The town’s main streets feature a variety of resorts catering […]

6 Best Ski Resorts in Alberta, Canada

6 Best Ski Resorts in Alberta

As a former resident of Calgary, Alberta has always been my go-to destination for various skiing adventures. When seeking vast mountains and craving epic steep and snowy slopes, I venture to the Rockies to enjoy Lake Louise, Sunshine, and Norquay. For a more traditional and crowd-free experience, I choose the smaller mountains like Marmot Basin […]

12 Best Resorts in Alberta, Canada

12 Best Resorts in Alberta

Alberta, Canada, provides tourists with an extensive range of magnificent scenery to experience and enjoy. It also happens to be one of the prime destinations for a variety of world-class accommodations, serving as an excellent base to explore the province‘s incredibly diverse and beautiful landscapes. This rugged, natural backdrop sets the stage for some of […]