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12 Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in the Tanzania

Giraffes and Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park

Tanzania will allow you to explore some of Africa’s most renowned national parks and natural wonders, such as the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. The most sought-after activities in Tanzania are safaris and wildlife-related expeditions, which are the primary reasons many people travel to the country.

Many travelers will find themselves journeying through Dar es Salaam before venturing out to explore the surrounding wilderness and other travel destinations. Zanzibar’s stunning beaches are a perfect destination for travelers seeking a relaxing getaway under the sun.

Pemba and Mafia Islands offer a unique travel experience for scuba divers and snorkelers. Visitors from all over the globe come to witness the stunning coral gardens, vibrant fish, and pristine waters.

Discover the beauty of Tanzania by exploring the top attractions and things to do on your travels.

1. Serengeti National Park

Herd of Plains Zebras in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
Source: istockphoto

The Serengeti National Park in the Mara region is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. It is home to the iconic Serengeti, which has been featured in numerous documentaries. The park is also where the Great Migration finds its home, making it a natural wonder. Every year, the Serengeti becomes the destination for millions of herbivores, such as gazelles and zebras, who embark on their annual migration. Their predator counterparts follow closely behind.

The Serengeti is a travel destination with one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet. The Serengeti is a popular travel destination for people who want to witness the Great Migration. During this event, impalas, elands, ostrich, and wildebeest gather on the thriving plains.

The best time of year to visit Serengeti National Park to watch the migration is disputed, since the herds follow the grass, often in search of better grazing areas. During the peak season, which is the dry season from late June to October, the grass becomes dry and exhausted, and the wildebeest and zebra start to mass in huge armies, providing a breathtaking wildlife display.

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2. Mount Kilimanjaro

Snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli
Source: istockphoto

Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the tallest peak in Africa but also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. It is now an inactive volcano.

The mountain, which is located close to Moshi in Arusha, is popular with climbers from all over the globe. The grassy plains encircle the foot of the mountain, which is capped with snow and soars into the sky. The difficulty of the ascent to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is significant; nonetheless, this does not prevent many from making the journey to the mountain to attempt it.

Mount Kilimanjaro captivates visitors regardless of whether they are climbers, hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, or outdoor enthusiasts. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the Seven Summits, which means that it is regarded to be the highest peak on its continent. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience that you will never forget due to the exhilaration and sense of success that comes with reaching the top of the mountain.

There have been people as young as six years old and as elderly as 89 years old who have reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. If they were able to do it, so can you!

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3. Lake Victoria

old boats on Lake Victoria, Tanzania
Source: istockphoto

Lake Victoria is a popular travel destination as it is one of the African Great Lakes. It is known for being the world’s largest tropical lake and the second-largest freshwater lake in terms of surface area.

Serengeti National Park is located near Lake Victoria, which spans across the borders of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Explore the archipelagos of this vast lake that spans across three countries, and don’t miss out on the Rubondo Island National Park, one of the top attractions in the area.

Come explore Rubondo Island National Park, the largest island national park in Africa, and discover a thriving habitat for giraffes, elephants, wild chimpanzees, and other captivating wildlife.

Rubondo Island National Park is a popular destination for travelers who enjoy walking, canoeing, and jungle safaris.

4. Stone Town

Architectural details. Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Source: istockphoto

Zanzibar’s cultural heart lies in Stone Town, where the last 200 years have seen little change. The narrow streets and winding alleys of the city are lined with grand old Arabian homes, adding to its unique charm. Stone Town is a must-visit destination for travelers who are interested in history and architecture. The town’s majority of homes were constructed during the 19th century, a time when Zanzibar played a significant role as one of the most important Swahili trading towns in the Indian Ocean. Tourists will observe the elaborately carved wooden doors adorned with brass studs on numerous houses.

Embark on a walking tour of Stone Town to admire the stunning architecture, including the intricately crafted Zanzibari doors made of wood. Next, explore the Palace Museum, a grand white palace that served as the residence of the sultan during the 19th century, located on the waterfront of Stone Town.

Exploring the winding alleys and pathways is an unforgettable adventure, culminating in a visit to the port to witness the comings and goings of various vessels, ranging from small boats to massive ships.

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5. Ngorongoro Crater

Zebras and wildebeests in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Source: istockphoto

The Ngorongoro Crater, once a massive volcano, is now the world’s biggest intact crater. Many believe that before it erupted and collapsed, the caldera was higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.

As you travel to Ngorongoro Crater, you will be amazed by the towering wall that rises high into the sky. The area is surrounded by lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and sprawling marshlands, creating a thriving ecosystem.

Tanzania boasts one of the most breathtaking travel destinations, where the steep slopes of the crater serve as a natural habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Currently, it is one of the top destinations in Africa to witness the endangered Black Rhino.

At Ngorongoro Crater, you’ll be amazed by the abundance of wildlife that thrives within its boundaries, including elephants, baboons, and leopards. Although the crater may seem empty from above, it is teeming with life.

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6. Mnemba Island

The Mnemba atoll on the east coast of Zanzibar
Source: istockphoto

Situated in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Mnemba Island can be reached by a 90-minute drive from Stone Town. This secluded island is a paradise destination. Tanzania offers a luxurious retreat surrounded by vast spice plantations and stunning blue ocean waters, making it one of the top travel destinations. Experience the ultimate private island getaway with luxurious suites, tropical weather, rejuvenating massages, and thrilling water sports.

7. Pemba Island

Pemba Island sunset
Source: istockphoto

It is the northernmost island in the Zanzibar archipelago. Pemba offers a great opportunity for travel enthusiasts to explore numerous desert islands and indulge in some of the finest scuba diving experiences in the Indian Ocean. The visibility here is unmatched, making it a must-visit destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The underwater haven boasts coral gardens, colorful sponges, and sea fans. Pemba Island’s main population center, Chake Chake, is a favored destination for scuba divers.

Pemba offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to Zanzibar as it is not as frequently visited by tourists. The hilly island with deep valleys has become a popular destination for mountain bikers who are attracted to the 1,000-meter peaks. Just offshore, one spot not to miss is Misali Island Beach. Explore the stunning white-sand beach on a remote tropical island.

Pemba is a fascinating travel destination known for its production of cloves and rich juju traditions of medicine and magic. Travelers from various parts of East Africa visit to gain knowledge from the voodoo practitioners and traditional healers or to find remedies.

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8. Mafia Island

Sunset at Mafia Island, Tanzania
Source: @mafiaisland

Mafia Island, located in an archipelago of the same name, is a popular travel destination known for its thriving marine life and protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park. The island has been designated as Tanzania’s first marine park, making it a popular travel destination.

Escape the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations in Tanzania and discover a serene tropical island paradise. The destination boasts excellent opportunities for diving, with its coral reefs, tropical fish, and marine creatures.

Mafia Island offers great opportunities for deep-sea fishing, where you can catch yellowfin tuna, kingfish, and great barracudas. Exciting news! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle traveled to Mafia Island in 1950 and set a new African record by catching a dorado weighing 75 pounds.

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9. Tarangire National Park

African landscape with animals at Tarangire National Park
Source: istockphoto

Located in northern Tanzania, Tarangire National Park is a popular travel destination. The park is named after the Tarangire River, which flows through it and supports the local ecosystem. It is situated south of Lake Manyara.

Located just a brief distance away from Arusha, this park is an ideal choice for travelers seeking to steer clear of crowds and focus on admiring the breathtaking scenery and exotic wildlife that inhabit Tanzania.

Embark on a thrilling travel adventure by taking a walking safari through Tarangire National Park. Marvel at the sight of ancient baobabs, discover the ancient rock paintings near Kolo and witness herds of majestic elephants up close. Embark on a luxurious safari adventure by staying at Sanctuary Swala Camp located within Tarangire National Park.

Experience the breathtaking natural scenery of the flat savannah. This is where  you can relax under the shade of towering acacia trees and spot wildlife right from your campsite.

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10. Zanzibar Island

Aerial view of the fishing boats on tropical sea coast with sandy beach at sunset. Summer travel in Zanzibar, Africa
Source: istockphoto

Zanzibar Island is renowned for more than just its Stone Town, making it a popular travel destination. Zanzibar’s beaches are a popular destination for tourists annually.

Zanzibar’s south coast boasts one of the finest beaches. At this location, you can discover Kizimkazi Beach. This destination is popular for its regular sightings of bottlenose dolphins. Its prime location for diving and snorkeling alongside other local marine creatures.

Zanzibar offers popular options for travel such as Kendwa Beach and Nungwi Beach. Both destinations provide excellent opportunities for water-based activities. Nungwi Beach offers a perfect getaway for travelers seeking a serene environment to bask in the sun and discover aquatic life. Experience the lively atmosphere of Kendwa Beach, with its array of bars and resorts lining the shore. Stay at Bravo Kendwa Beach Resort and drift off to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

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11. Lake Manyara

Flock of pink flamingos from Lake Manyara, Tanzania. African safari
Source: istockphoto

Lake Manyara National Park is a great travel destination located near the town of Mto Wa Mbu in Tanzania. It is known for being the smallest national park in the country and is situated around Lake Manyara. The park is a popular travel destination, known for its efforts to conserve and safeguard elephants from poaching.

Lake Manyara sustains the diverse ecosystem of the park, providing nourishment for its abundant wildlife such as elephants, wildebeests, waterbucks, impalas, warthogs, zebras, and pink flamingos. Exploring the diverse birdlife around Lake Manyara is a popular pastime due to the presence of over 400 species of birds in the region.

Exploring the diverse birdlife around Lake Manyara is a popular travel activity due to the presence of over 400 species of birds in the region.

Lake Manyara offers the opportunity to witness the famous tree-climbing lions, among other species found in the park. In Africa, it is common for lions to rest on the ground, but these lions are known for lounging and dozing off on acacia and other trees.

Experiencing the local Maasai culture while traveling in Tanzania is a truly captivating experience. For thousands of years, the Maasai people have been constructing huts for their homesteads on the plains. Travelers can observe Maasai warriors dressed in red Shuka and carrying spears. Experience the thrill of running with a Maasai warrior, savoring a delicious meal of corn polenta, and witnessing the Maasai and other travelers take part in a leaping dance. Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

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12. Mikumi National Park

Herd of wildebeestand some zebra in the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania
Source: istockphoto

Mikumi National Park in Tanzania is a popular travel destination known for its abundant Eland and African Wild Dog populations.

The park near Morogoro is a popular travel destination that links Dar es Salaam, the largest and busiest city in Tanzania, to Iringa, a town renowned for its award-winning Neema Crafts Center and woven baskets.

Mikumi National Park boasts the stunning Mkata Floodplain, where visitors can admire breathtaking views and observe various grazing animals such as zebras and giraffes. At waterholes, you can often spot hippos, water buffalo, and elephants seeking respite from the heat and quenching their thirst.

Although Mikumi National Park may not have any rhinos, it remains one of the top safari destinations in the country.

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