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Why should you take a trip to South Africa?

Cape Of Good Hope

South Africa is gradually becoming an attractive tourist destination for people all over the world. Coming to South Africa, you will experience the feeling of being one with nature, participating in mountain activities with many wild animals. Let’s explore this exciting country with TripandWellness!

1. Special things only in South Africa

Geographical location

South Africa is located in the southernmost region of the African continent. The official name is the Republic of South Africa. Possessing a long coastline that crosses two oceans, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The area of ​​this country ranks 25th in the world.

When traveling to South Africa, a special feature from this country is that South Africa has 3 capitals divided into: the administrative capital (Pretoria), the legislative capital (Cape Town) and the judicial capital. Bloemfontein). A brief overview of some key features about the capitals:

Pretoria – Administrative Capital

Street in Pretoria lined with Jacaranda trees
Source: istockphoto

Recently renamed Tshwane, with the role of the headquarters of South Africa as well as the cultural center of the country. Visitors give this land a very dear name “flower city” because here the whole world is immersed in the colors of purple flowers.

Cape Town – Legislative Capital

Cape Town, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

It has the second largest population in the country. Also known as the super tourist center of South Africa. People often joke that going to South Africa without visiting Cape Town is a waste of half of your youth.

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Bloemfontein – Judicial Capital

Old Raadsaal in Bloemfontein
Source: istockphoto

Located in the heart of a giant steppe with a super hot climate. However, the population is concentrated in this area which is quite crowded because of the perfect standard of living and very low crime rate.

Natural condition

Resonating with the cool, temperate year-round climate is rich vegetation. More specifically, the Republic of South Africa ranks third among countries with diverse ecological systems worldwide. According to statistics, South Africa currently has more than 20,000 species of plants, of which 10% are known to the world. Although the country is small and medium in size, the vegetation in South Africa is second only to Brazil and Indonesia.

2. South African destinations

Tourist attraction

Table Mountain

Table Mountain with sandy beach,Cape Town, South Africa
Source: gettyimages

Japan has Fuji, the mountain that gives South Africa the name of Table Mountain. If you have a trip to South Africa, surely you will not want to miss this masterpiece, right? The mountain with a funny shape and the top of the mountain is flat like a table. Table Mountain is located in the city of Cape Town, South Africa and the image of the mountain is chosen as the symbol for the flag and insignia of the city.

At the foot of the mountain is a green bay with extensive vegetation which is known as a natural museum of plants. Anyone who comes here must be surprised because the scenery is as beautiful as in the picture.

Castle Of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa
Source: Kerstin K.

The Castle of Good Hope is located on the road, at the intersection of Darling and Buitenkant streets, Cape Town. The life expectancy of this castle is also quite high, almost 4 centuries. The castle’s opening hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. It does not open on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Not only has cultural significance, but this is also a witness to the glorious historical political anecdotes of the South African people. In front of the museum gate are 6 historical flags representing the 6 governments that were born in the former city of Cape Town. You will be able to witness the military ceremonies organized by the museum firsthand if you have the opportunity to stop here.

Whale Watching at Hermanus

The whales here are extremely gentle and friendly. A miracle that Mother Nature has bestowed on South Africa is not only the green vegetation but also the home of many species of almost extinct wildlife. Hermanus is home to whales. If you have set foot in South Africa, then no tourist wants to miss this lovely moment.

Whales jumping near Hermanus, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

Hermanus is only about 3 hours by car from Good Hope Castle. The majestic landscape is what attracts me most, especially the natural landscape that is so poetic. Crossing the grape fields, listening to the rapids and stopping at a working fishing village. Hermanus is peaceful and spontaneous, in the distance are the silhouettes of friendly whales emerging from the water. The last 6 months of the year are the months when whales gather the most, they find a place to live to give birth and nurture them.

Boulders Beach

Penguin, Boulders beach, Cape Town
Source: istockphoto

You only see penguins in movies, right? A trip to South Africa will give you the opportunity to see firsthand the adorableness of the penguins. On the shore are ancient granite outcrops layered protecting the endless coastline. Besides cute penguins, and the presence of baby seals or dolphins, if your trip has children, they will surely love it.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

The activity that people love most here is to experience the activity of “hunting” in the primeval forest. Guided tours are always designed to suit your needs if you want to come to South Africa. The garden also hosts a number of outdoor concerts. If you’re lucky, you’ll see an exhibition of Zimbabwean stone sculptures that takes place on Sunday mornings during the summer months.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park
Source: istockphoto

If you’re lucky, you can see firsthand the daily life of the Big Five Animals of South Africa: elephants, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, and leopards. But it is said that now Kruger National Park is the place for more than 650 species of wildlife and still retains their natural habitats.

September and October are peak tourist times for this wild place. If you have a trip to South Africa without daring to experience it, your trip will be very boring. Experience the panoramic view of the national park by hot air balloon, enjoy meals in the forest, and ride an elephant in the mountains.

Food and Souvenir


Barbequed sausage, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

During your trip to South Africa, you will be meaningless if you skip Boerewors. The main raw material from dried beef is minced, combined with pork, and lamb mixed with vegetables to create a special sausage tree of this country. I think you can become a fan of these Boerewors after eating them.

Bunny chow

Bunny Chow, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

Originating from a vegetarian dish, today South Africans have changed and can be served with many types of meat. But the special thing will not to use pork in this dish. The dish is presented in a loaf of bread that is hollowed out and uses the core of the cake placed on the cake. The hot spicy taste and the strong aroma of curry are very suitable for trips to South Africa in the snowy season.


Biltong, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

The food is really wild because the ingredients are made from the famous animals of South Africa. The meat is dried and soaked in cider or malt vinegar. Then season with seasonings for a rich flavor to bring the salty, aromatic flavor. You can buy this unique dish as a gift after your trip to South Africa. I believe everyone in the family loves the taste of this dish.

Koeksister cake

Koeksisters, South Africa
Source: istockphoto

You will see this cake on a roadside wheelbarrow, try to buy one. Unexpectedly, the spiral-shaped cake is very fragrant, when you bite it, it melts in your mouth. The yellow color of the cake comes from the main ingredients, which are barley flowers eaten with a sweet sauce, and the scent of cinnamon powder. This traditional cake always conquers all fastidious diners when traveling to South Africa. It is highly recommended to try it.

Souvenir from South Africa

Ardmore Ceramics  

Ardmore Ceramics, South Africa
Source: southerndestinations

Ardmore is the name of a community of artisans specializing in artistic ceramics established in 1985 in South Africa. The strange shapes imbued with cultural characteristics are meticulously crafted by artisans. Not only used as souvenirs for loved ones but also Ardmore ceramic products are familiar everyday items that can be used such as teapots, bowls, plates… Believe it? You can buy a whole set of dishes to display because they are so pretty.

Vuvuzela trumpet

Vuvuzela trumpet
Source: istockphoto

Not buying this unique trumpet is a big omission during a trip to South Africa. This is a typical image you can see when watching South African football matches. I recommend buying and blowing along the way.

3. Things to note when traveling to South Africa

Ideal travel time

Winter in South Africa is very special when it starts in June and ends in August. You do not have to worry if you visit South Africa at this time because the winter here is not too harsh nor does it snow. The ideal time to explore South Africa, from September to November is spring. The scene is very romantic, and lyrical along with pleasant weather.

Flights to South Africa

Cape Town International Airport
Source: istockphoto

South Africa currently has 2 famous international airports, Cape Town and Oliver Tambo. Famous airlines to South Africa are Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Emirates, or Singapore Airlines,…

Currency and currency exchange

South African Rand
Source: istockphoto

Surely when traveling abroad, currency issues in that country are very concerning. South Africa uses the Rand currency and only trades in this currency, even US dollars are not accepted. Changing money in South Africa is not as simple as in other countries, you can change money at the airport.

Secrets revealed about South Africa

South Africa is a country with a high rate of malaria, so when preparing for a trip to South Africa, you and your family should equip yourself with the necessary items. It’s a long-sleeved shirt or mosquito repellent, especially if you have young children it needs more cover and protection.

The temperature in South Africa is very irregular, and although it is a temperate climate, sudden temperature changes are inconvenient in this country. You should prepare clothes to keep your body warm to adapt to this change. Hospitality in this country is limited, so if you want to ask for directions, it is best to ask the police or the hotel staff.

In spite of this sharing story, Trip & Wellness will help you visualize many things about the country and people of South Africa. The natural landscape is as beautiful as an art picture. Food is very rich. Surely you will not be disappointed if you choose to travel to South Africa. Try the experience now.

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