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6 Things to know before a trip to South Africa – Travel Guide

Things to know before a trip to South Africa

If you haven’t been to South Africa, you’ll probably always think this is a continent of poverty, disease, and a culture full of rituals. But South Africa is much more modern and bustling than you think. You will find many interesting and unique things about this country if you have a journey to explore here!

1. South Africa – A country with differences

The uniqueness of weather and climate in South Africa

If African countries, typically Morocco, have a rather uncomfortable climate when the summer is hot like a pan of fire, and the winter is wet. But coming to South Africa, you will feel lost in paradise. Summers are cool, while winters are cold but not freezing. That’s why many people feel extremely surprised when they set foot in this country.

The natural scenery is beyond imagination.

Africa is famous for the Sahara desert and many other desert regions. Therefore many people mistakenly think that dunes and unexpected sandstorms surround South Africa. However, you will be disillusioned for the second time right away. Instead of dunes, South Africa is a much more vibrant place with the tall, majestic Table Mountain lying with vast grasslands or savanna and windy all year round. South Africa is also home to countless different species of wildlife.
Scenic view of table mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Source: istockphoto
There are mountains, and there are seas. On A trip to South Africa, I firmly believe that you will immediately be immersed in the blue water and white sand. With the above, you will feel relaxed and comfortable if you spend time on the beach. Or if you want to experience a thrill, then immediately join an adventure climbing tour which is also very interesting.

2. Diverse fauna

Favored by nature for large grasslands, the ecosystem, from plants to animals, is very diverse in South Africa. South Africa is even home to many rare animals in the world. If you have a trip to South Africa, you will have the opportunity to see this living animal world with your own eyes.

Wild animals in South Africa

African Safari Animals Meeting Together
Source: istockphoto
The animals familiar to us, such as lions, elephants, leopards or giraffes, and ostriches, live in South Africa. For these animals to develop most naturally, they instinctively live in the grasslands or vast forests of South Africa. And so that the uncontrolled growth of these species does not affect humans, the government always has measures and policies to ensure a safe area for people.

Types of related services

Because of its rich diversity of fauna, South Africa has taken advantage of this as an advantage to develop the national tourism industry strongly. In South Africa, many tourism activities involve contact or wildlife viewing. Types of services, such as ostrich riding, off-road driving on the savannah to watch animals, etc., are always loved and desired by tourists.
Leopard Crossing Road, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Source: istockphoto
Wildlife-related tourism activities have become one of the spearheads of economic growth in the tourism industry in South Africa. Even if you go to South Africa without experiencing these activities, you will regret it. Because after experiencing it once, you can experience it many times. Should follow Trip & Wellness with an upcoming trip to South Africa, this activity is very helpful to make your trip perfect.

3. Hometown of many famous wines

Since ancient times, Africa has been one of the continents where the wine production industry was born very early and soon achieved many remarkable achievements. That is why South Africa, the country with the strongest development in the continent, is always famous for being the birthplace of many famous wines. Even many visitors to South Africa want to enjoy these wonderful wine flavors. Besides entertainment activities, you can spend some time finding peace when you set foot in the famous vineyards. With a long tradition of wine production, South Africa has no shortage of vineyards covered in green that make you go from being surprised to admiring its beauty.
Young woman relaxing on the terrace, Cape Agulhas.
Source: istockphoto
Not only can you immerse yourself in the green of the vineyards, but you can also visit art galleries to learn about South Africa’s famous wines and the development process of South Africa’s world-famous wine brand. And, of course, if you want to discover what a good trip to South Africa is, you can’t help but sip a glass of this famous wine.

4. Beautiful natural scenery

What about a trip to South Africa? Take your time asking questions, but book a trip immediately. Because coming to South Africa, every activity or scene here will make you find many interesting things. Not only is South Africa a country rich in cultural history with good traditions, but South Africa is also blessed with the most beautiful and beautiful landscapes.

Valley of Desolation

There is an extremely wonderful place in South Africa that any tourist who has been to this country must find here. The place Trip & Wellness mentioned is the dreamy but mysterious Valley of Desolation. New to Desolation, you will surely be mesmerized by this valley’s poetic, artistic nature, with the surrounding mountains and a green grassland spreading far away that will make you feel you are lost in an unreal fairyland.
Valley of Desolation, near Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Source: gettyimages
However, hidden under the beauty of Desolation are adventurous exploration activities. Therefore visitors are interested in Desolation not only because of the natural beauty but also because of the exciting hidden things that this land offers.

National parks and pristine beaches

Not only Desolation, but you can also find national parks or pristine beaches with few human footprints in Plettenberg Bay. Because humans have not commercialized them, these places retain pure natural beauty, bringing a wonderful and relaxing feeling if you visit and rest here. In particular, coming to Plettenberg Bay, you will also have the chance to visit 8 recognized world heritage sites.
Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Source: istockphoto
With so many wonderful sights, take your time asking what’s good about the trip to South Africa, but come here directly and feel where the good thing is. Not only I but anyone who comes to South Africa will be captivated by the strange charm of this country.

5. Majestic Jacaranda Trees

Pretoria, Blooming Jacaranda trees
Source: gettyimages
Jacaranda Trees’ flower season in South Africa usually blooms in late winter and early spring. In the flower season, the roads in South Africa are filled with poetic purple. In some places, Jacaranda trees are ​​planted along the two sides of the road. When the flowers bloom, each petal falls to form a purple road that is as dreamy as a beautiful picture. And if you are someone who likes to take artistic photos and then visit these flower streets today.

6. Delicious and attractive dishes

Once you have experienced the diverse culinary culture in South Africa, it will be a taste that you will not forget for the rest of your life. In South Africa, there are many unique traditional dishes that you can enjoy. Some of the most famous dishes, such as Peri Peri chicken, Bunny Chow, or Namibian Venison, can be mentioned.
Bunny Chow. South Africa
Source: istockphoto
With the above wonderful and unique things, it is not difficult to understand that South Africa is becoming one of the most worth-visiting places in the world. So if you’re wondering what a trip to South Africa is, why don’t you come here directly and have your discoveries?