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vegetarian countries in the world

You are a vegetarian but dream of traveling without worrying about the food affecting your diet. Then below are the top vegetarian countries in the world for vegetarians to have on your checklist.

As the vegan diet has grown in popularity over the years, the experience for vegetarian travelers has become much easier and smoother. Vegan restaurants are springing up all over the world with savory alternatives and offering delicious meals that don’t contain any animal ingredients.

Vegan food
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With the motto of bringing vegetarians around the world to a friendly destination, comfortably enjoying time away from home without worrying about meals, here are the top 7 vegetarian countries in the world that TripandWellness compiled to send to you. However, before exploring these tourist attractions, learn a little about the vegan diet.

Veganism – Vegan lifestyle

Vegetarians or vegans always seek to exclude as many animal products as possible, directly or indirectly from their diets. People with this lifestyle are considered Vegans often using green vegetables, fruits, organic foods, flours, seeds, grains and beans.

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Nowadays more and more people are pursuing a vegetarian or vegan diet to protect their health, thanks to the antioxidants from plant products that provide more energy, reduce cardiovascular diseases, protect skin full of vitality and slow down the aging process. To avoid animal products can even help reduce your carbon footprint and help to keep the environment sustainable.

Top 7 vegetarian countries in the world


As vegetarianism has grown in popularity, Singapore has become a perfect destination for local vegans and tourists alike. Places like Keong Saik Road, Race Course Road, and East Coast Road have a number of vegan restaurants with fresh, 100% plant-based dishes.

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Among the popular vegan dishes served at the restaurants here, organic Ciabatta Noodles stuffed with toasted soybeans and mouthwatering satay sauce are not to be missed.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to try cheap Thali and famous Indian food during your trip to Thailand, then Chiang Mai is the place for you. Chiang Mai offers visitors many attractive dining options instead of dishes made from animal meat.

chiang mai thailand
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Going towards Nimmanhaemin Road, Moon Muang Road, Bumrungrad and Wualai, you will easily find the famous vegetarian restaurants in Chang Mai. Here, try the most popular dishes including banana flower salad, egg fried noodles with vegetables,…

Taipei City, Taiwan

Taipei is known as the food paradise of Taiwan and so it is not surprising that it is also one of the destinations for vegetarians serving many mouth-watering dishes. Speaking of vegetarian foods, Taipei offers visitors a variety of mouthwatering vegan dishes such as Udon noodles and a variety of rice-based dishes.

taipei city taiwan
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Don’t miss the almond milk waffles, rolled oats and veggie wok. You can easily find them in most of the city’s restaurants.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin – Germany’s capital city boasts a plethora of vegan-friendly coffee shops, bars and restaurants that offer gluten-free vegan food.

Berlin Skyline City Panorama with blue sky sunset and traffic
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Helmholtzplatz or Neukolln – the vegan destination to discover the best of organic produce. Enjoy a steaming cup of soup, a salad and gluten-free bread and a smoothie for a healthy meal. The brunch menu is diverse with ingredients from green vegetables, juices and dairy products such as nuts and cereals.

New York, USA

Planning a vegan-friendly vacation, don’t miss these vegetarian destinations in upstate New York City, USA. This place is considered a paradise for vegetarians with a variety of restaurants serving attractive vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian dumplings, tofu, curd, veggie burgers, imitation meat and bubble tea. …

liberty island new york usa
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Manhattan and Brooklyn are the two most popular areas for vegan eateries, according to many travelers. From all-organic fast food joints to juice stalls, there’s a lot to discover when you’re in the city.

Mexico City, Mexico

Out of all the popular vegan travel destinations in North America, Mexico should be at the top of your list as it has the most vegetarian restaurants. Places like La Condesa and Doctores near the southwest of Mexico City’s historic center are full of vegan favorites.

mexico city
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The best thing about this vegan destination is that the eateries create alternatives to dairy products, such as rice milk, soy, coconut, almond, and cheese. , butter made from almonds, peanuts and macadamia nuts and cashews. Among the famous vegetarian dishes, vegan pizza, salad, falafel and moussaka are the most popular choices among vegetarians.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the most vegan-friendly cities where you can find many shops and restaurants selling vegan food to tackle your dietary concerns. From fast food to main courses, Buenos Aires is a leading vegetarian travel destination in the world.

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Enjoy a variety of dishes, such as lentil and quinoa salad, falafel sandwich and rich potato cheese vegan pizza at Pizza Vegana Recoleta, and dessert with a drink at Rocket Bar.

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