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15 Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in the Mexico

View of Paseo de Reforma in Mexico City

Traveling to Mexico is an incredibly popular choice for vacationers, attracting over 20 million international visitors annually. Renowned for its vibrant culture, ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayas, iconic actress Salma Hayek, the colorful Day of the Dead celebrations, rich history, thrilling Lucha libre matches, refreshing Corona beer, and breathtaking beach resorts along both […]

Top 7 vegetarian countries in the world | Trip & Wellness

vegetarian countries in the world

You are a vegetarian but dream of traveling without worrying about the food affecting your diet. Then below are the top vegetarian countries in the world for vegetarians to have on your checklist. As the vegan diet has grown in popularity over the years, the experience for vegetarian travelers has become much easier and smoother. […]