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Things to do to protect yourself from air pollution while traveling

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Wearing a dust mask, paying attention to nutrition, choosing to stay at a hotel with an air purifier are things tourists should do when traveling in places with air pollution.

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Air pollution is getting more and more common in Asian countries and some countries around the world. Therefore, when you travel, you need to pay attention to a few things, to protect your own health as well as enjoy a full trip. Here are some useful notes that travelers need to know when traveling, in places where air pollution is or is at risk.

Wear face mask

This is an important thing that any visitor should note, when traveling on a polluted day. Wearing a dust mask which  can help you partly reduce the risk of breathing in polluted dust affects your health. Choose a quality dust mask to increase its effectiveness when used.

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Download the air quality monitoring app

Downloading an air quality monitoring application will help you know the air pollution level of your destination, thereby scheduling attractions accordingly. Popular air quality monitoring apps today are AirVisual, Air Matters and Pam Air. Just go to Google Play or App Store, you can download and use it easily.

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Limit going to places with heavy pollution warnings

This is something that tourists should pay close attention to traveling on a polluted day. Please pay attention to follow the news and minimize travel to places with too much air pollution because even with protective measures, you are still at high risk of being affected by excessive air quality at least.

close the door
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Close the door to circulate air from the outside

When staying at hotels and homestays, it’s best to close the windows to prevent polluted air from entering. Particularly, you should choose to stay in hotels with air purifiers in the room, to ensure cleaner air.

Note from TripandWellness

Traveling on polluted days, your body will face health risks. Therefore, choose nutritious foods and especially vegetables. This will help reduce DNA damage to cells and strengthen the body’s resistance.

Drink detox water every day

Detox water has a very good purifying effect on the body, on polluted days, this is a very beneficial drink for health. When traveling, you can still drink detox water from fruits or simply drink more water to make your body healthier.

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Thorough body hygiene

When traveling on a polluted day as soon as you return to the hotel what you should do is clean your body. Should clean the nose and eyes with specialized solutions and gargle with warm salt water to stimulate blood circulation and kill bacteria.

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Above are some things you need to know and do, when traveling on a polluted day to ensure health. Apply now to have a complete trip with the best health after your trip.

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