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Essential Traveling Tips For A Trip to Europe

tips for a trip to Europe

Are you planning a trip to Europe, but don’t know where to start? Follow these essential tips and you’ll be on your way to having a safe and enriching experience. Whether your trip is an extended vacation or an international business trip, it’s important that you remain as safe as possible while in a foreign country. Here are essential tips for traveling safely in Europe.

1. Travel to Europe and fascinating facts

European countries have always been attractive destinations for every tourist around the world. It’s famous not only for such rich history and natural scenery but also for its unique cultural and traditional values. Each country brings new perspectives and is an inevitable source of inspiration for those who love beauty.

All year round, popular attractions and big cities always attract visitors. There is to worry about travel problems because here you will be met with a wonderful experience.

Mount Njulla
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There are many interesting destinations you should not miss while traveling to Europe. If you have ever visited Sweden, go to Nuolja Mountain to experience the spectacular sky. In case Portugal is on your journey, do not miss the Douro Valley and its ribbon-like river flowing all year round. All of them have their own unique beauty. In order to move more fully, the stage of preparing travel gear is extremely important.

2. Experience preparing for traveling to Europe

Before each long trip, you have to busy prepare luggage and personal belongings. For a trip to Europe or anywhere, packing is also very important. You need to make a list of essential items to bring as well as remove items that are not really needed. Do not be confused because TripandWellness will share the experience of preparing for traveling to Europe through the following extremely simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a suitable suitcase and luggage bag

suitable suitcase and luggage bag
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Let’s prioritize the convenience, certainty and capacity suitable for the trip. You should choose sturdy designs and ensure no damage or breakdown during the trip. Depending on your own needs, get yourself the right suitcase and backpack models, specifically as follows:

  • 4-wheel suitcase: this is a specialized suitcase to carry luggage. However, if you have to move and walk a lot, this type of suitcase will not be very suitable. Though it gives you the advantages of packing and secure.
  • Backpack: often used in backpacking trips. You will find it very handy because it can be carried on your shoulder and controlled easily. Moreover, it doesn’t carry many goods, so you don’t have to worry if you bring a lot of things.
  • Blank bag (Duffle bag): this type of bag give users an active look. It is suitable for short trips. Because its capacity is low. On the bright side, you can easily carry it with your hand.

Step 2: Basic luggage arrangement

If you plan to participate in various activities, it is crucial to prepare yourself with the necessary items. In order to organize them neatly, you should arrange them so that they are as convenient as possible. Besides, it is necessary to make sure to minimize your load in ​​suitcases and travel backpacks.

My tip is to use specialized luggage bags to sort items. They help your luggage to be neat and located in a certain position. Thanks to that, you will easily find what you need without spending too much time

Basic luggage arrangement
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Essential traveling tips for a trip to Europe with basic items that you should not miss:

  • Clothing: you should first check the weather and climate conditions of the country you are going to. This will help you choose the right clothes. Avoid carrying too many unnecessary items. Instead, bring items that are easy to wash and easy to coordinate and functional. Depending on the time of travel and personal preferences, you will choose the necessary items
  • Shoes: if you move a lot, you should consider some comfortable options such as running shoes.
  • Personal hygiene products: hair brush, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, …
  • Medicines: You should prepare the necessary medicines if you easily get health issues.
  • Sunscreen and makeup.

Step 3: Necessary items in the handbag

Necessary items in the handbag
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When boarding the plane, you should bring a carry-on bag. It will contain the items you need to use as well as the necessary items in case your luggage is lost.

  • Technical equipments: phones, chargers, adapters, cameras, computers, headphones, etc.
  • Books and travel guidlines, lotions, eye masks, earplugs, etc. They are both necessary and frequently used items.

Step 4: Travel documents, cash and credit cards

travel documents
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Small reminder: Pack them in a safe place in your luggage to prevent them from getting lost. At the same time, you will also be easy to control and check regularly. Travel documents and other documents to bring include:

  • Passport, national identity card (abbreviated as “ID card”))
  • Cash, Visa and Master cards
  • Health insurance, travel insurance
  • Types of tickets: plane, train, car, … that you have prepared in advance.
  • Phone numbers and contact addresses in case of emergency
  • Plan your trip as well as information about accommodation and destination that you have planned.

Before every trip, always double-check these documents. Especially Passport and National ID card. In addition, you should keep a copy of all these documents and send them via personal email in case you need them.

Step 5: Consider safety issues during the trip

In large cities, be cautious with pickpocketing. Keep the valuables with you or hide them well. Prepare keys and items to ensure your luggage is always safe.

Source: gettyimages
  • Use a wallet and hide them inside. Or use bags around your hips or under your feet.
  • Lock your luggage
  • Use reflective materials and flashlights at night if you go out alone

Besides, always make sure that your luggage is kept with you, especially important documents. Prepare separate travel bag store them. Limit them to suitcases but should carry them with you.

3. Note before the trip

Beside preparing luggage, there are many notes that you should know before each trip. Especially refer to Essential traveling tips for trip to Europe from people who had visited the countries. Consciousness will help you best prepare for a fun trip.

Apply for a tourist visa

Apply for a tourist visa
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Each country will have its own regulations on Visa and related procedures. So you should prepare the necessary documents and apply for a tourist visa in advance. To make sure you qualify and start packing for your trip.

Currency exchange

Currency exchange
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Currency is also important matter. Usually you can change money to dollars, but in many cases you still need the currency in circulation in that country. So, be fully prepared to make sure the trip is trouble-free.

Credit card

credit card
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Since you can’t carry too much cash with you, it’s much more convenient to use a credit card. First of all, you should contact the bank directly to activate the card and pay attention to the use of money abroad. Some cards are only for domestic use and cannot be used abroad, so you need to be careful.

Translations Apps

translations apps
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English is the common language for communication in Europe. So first of all, you need to prepare yourself a solid English communication foundation. If you encounter any problems or obstacles in the communication process, you can use translation tools. It will help to some extent during the trip.

Organize work at home

When you are away, you not only take care of each trip but also have to take care of problems during your absence. Especially if you live alone, make sure to pay your bills in full and complete unfinished business. If possible, switch your bills to automatic payments for easier control on long trips.

Buy travel insurance

travel insurance
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There are many types of travel insurance that you can refer to and it is absolutely necessary. Because you are in a foreign country and you are taking the first steps to discover it. Sometimes problems that you didn’t anticipate can happen. Such as medical emergencies, lost luggage, trip cancellation, etc. So, buy travel insurance to ensure your rights.

Use cases that exceed the budget you set out

In some cases, the planning process and the actual process will be somewhat different. In addition, you can also shop uncontrollably and spend an amount beyond the original plan. So Trip & Wellness advises you to have backup plans as well as prepare a little budget in case of emergencies.

Research the weather and climate in your destination country

In each country, there will be different weather patterns. Sometimes it is the exact opposite of the climate in your country. That can make it difficult for you to adapt, so you need to find out about the climate and weather in advance to have the mental preparation as well as the necessary items. Especially with cold climates, you need to wear warm clothes and protect your body well.

check the weather
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You may not be able to anticipate all possible scenarios. However, it is also very helpful to prepare in advance and study the information carefully. Each trip will be a new experience and you will learn more interesting things. Don’t worry and be well prepared.

4. Taboo in Europe

With essential traveling tips for trip to Europe, you should pay attention to the taboo items that are not allowed on the plane. So please research carefully and do not bring these items

4.1 For hand baggage

Liquids not exceeding 100ml: this is considered a general rule and you need to follow it. With the container is not too large and it is just enough to hold 100ml, if you use a container that is too large compared to reality, it will not be approved. For example, shampoo or lotions, you should bring enough.

Source: istockphoto

Sharp objects: They will be prohibited from being carried on board because of suspected use as offensive weapons. Especially knives and scissors. Baggage will be thoroughly checked and potentially dangerous sharp objects will be left behind. If you want to bring them, you can pack them carefully and put them in checked baggage. Make sure that they do not affect or affect the surrounding baggage.

Sports equipment: Sports equipment such as bows and arrows, baseball bats, ski bats and all equipment that can be used as offensive weapons are not allowed on board. Playing sports can be part of your trip. However, you need to carefully check the items first to ensure compliance with regulations.

Guns and self-defense items such as pepper spray: Of course, they will be classified as dangerous items. So you’d better leave them at home.

airport security
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Matches, lighters and flammable objects: you will probably need them during your travels. However, these are taboo items when brought on board, including checked baggage. They can be dangerous for the flight so you will not be allowed to bring them. If you really need it, you can easily buy it at local stores in your travel destination.

Meat, fruits, vegetables and agricultural products: Most countries prohibit the carrying of any kind of food. If you bring fruit or snacks, use them on the plane. You may face many obstacles in the immigration process, especially in countries like Australia or New Zealand.

You can absolutely buy them and enjoy local specialties. So be aware of this before flights

4.2 Forbidden items in European countries

  • Meat and meat products
  • Milk and dairy products.
  • Potatoes and potato seeds
  • More than 2kg of forbidden fruits and vegetables
  • Olive and chestnut tree seeds
  • Citrus plants and vines
  • Mold

Besides, each country will have regulations on entry and items to bring, so you need to be aware. Examples in some countries


no alcohol
Source: istockphoto

For this country, you will not be able to bring in alcohol, tobacco or animal products. In addition, drugs and products containing harmful substances and banned substances such as DMF, CFC, etc. are prohibited from being brought into Sweden.


Remember to follow the rules and regulations at the airport as well as the immigration regulations in the country you are visiting. As a result, you can prepare well the necessary items for the trip and avoid carrying prohibited items. It will negatively affect and cause unnecessary trouble.

Every journey we have been, are going and will go on is always a valuable lesson and unforgettable experience in life. Exploring and learning about countries in the world, especially European countries will always be a part of a beautiful memory for everyone. With the Essential traveling tips for a trip to Europe that we shared above hopefully, it will be of some help to your upcoming journey. Hope you have a meaningful and happy trip.

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