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Immerse yourself in the most beautiful islands in France

Belle-Ile-en-Mer Island

If you’re craving an awesome tropical vacation when the summer sunlight still shines, there’s probably no better place than the islands in France. Going to French islands, you can capture secluded beaches, amazingly crystal-clear water, craggy cliffs along with beautiful harbors. Islands are also paradise home to rare wild animals.

6 Islands in France for an unforgettable trip

1. Corsica

Corsica island has rugged mountains. It is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, near the French city of Nice and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. As a semi-independent region of France, the island used to belong to Italy. Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France, was born on Corsica island. Today, this island in France is considered the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea with craggy peaks, beaches of fine sand, several historic cities and nature reserves.

Corsica island France
Southern Corsica island/ @gettyimages

If you have only a few days to discover Corsica, you should start the trip from the port city of Bastia, the former Genoese capital, to discover Italian architecture. Don’t forget to visit Calanques de Piana – a UNESCO world heritage site with the jagged cliffs of pink-red granite crashing into clear blue waters, the picturesque seaside town of San Fiorenza and the pristine beauty of Saleccia.

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2. Martinique

The most beautiful French island in the Caribbean, Martinique, is ready to welcome tourists for a tropical journey. Located in the East Caribbean Sea of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique was once a rich culturally colony under particular influences of Creole and French people. Today, it appeals to travelers looking for white sand beaches, loving surfing and experiencing culture in Créole cuisine, music and art.

Martinique Beache, France
Martinique, France/ @gettyimages

Let’s explore the bustling capital city of Fort-de-France with its lively squares, streets, local markets and enjoy delicious food. If you’re a nature lover, this French island will make you surprised at the famous Mount Pelée volcano in the north with its rugged landscape, the beautiful white sand beaches of the south coast, spectacular waterfalls, and quiet forest path.

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3. Porquerolles Island

Another Mediterranean gem in the French Riviera which is worth visiting is the Porquerolles Islands. As one of the three “golden” islands that make up the Iles d’Hyeres archipelago, Porquerolles captivates French tourists with its stunning and secluded landscape.

Porquerolles island in France
Porquerolles island in France/ @istockphoto

Enjoy the fine white sand on Notre Dame beach and crystal clear waters on the famous French island with activities like swimming, snorkeling, etc. Trekking enthusiasts must be excited about treks through steep cliffs rising up from narrow underwater crevices and the chance to encounter wildlife.

4. Belle-Ile-en-Mer Island

With its mild climate, warm water on a peaceful coast and Mediterranean vegetation, Belle-Ile-en-Mer has long been inspiration for painters and become a French travel destination for those who love nature, like to experience water sports. The island has about 60 beaches; therefore, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to explore this French island.

Belle Ile en mer Island, Morbihan
Belle-Ile-en-mer, Morbihan, France/ @gettyimages

The town of Le Palais contains a luxurious hotels, restaurants, and a museum detailing the history of the island. Meanwhile, the quaint fishing village of Sauzon gives you the chance to taste lobsters and take pictures of stunning pristine sea views. What do honeymoon couples enjoy? A windy stroll on the green cliffs, bird watching and twinkling lighthouses are very romantic.

5. Reunion Island

One of the tourist islands in France that makes people heart-stopping is Reunion Island. It’s located near Madagascar and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Reunion Island possesses pristine natural landscapes that have never been affected by humans. You can see colorful coral reefs on the ocean floor, forests built by volcanic soil, and sandy beaches with black-white sand and with crystal-clear water.

Reunion Island
Reunion Island, France / @unsplash

Reunion Island will surely bring a different view of magnificent France. Water sports lovers enjoy ocean exploration by scuba diving, and watching rare creatures or great lagoons and waterfalls. There are countless interesting places and trails to explore including the rainforests and Piton de la Fournaise, the island’s most famous active volcano, and the savanna in the west.

The experience of discovering the island in France is to visit the capital Saint-Denis to walk down the bustling streets and enjoy the island’s creative cuisine which is a mixture of traditional Malagasy, India, China and France food.

6. Frioul Archipelago

The Frioul Archipelago, located on the western edge of the Riviera, includes many of the most beautiful islands in France. It’s a part of the Calanques National Park. It takes only a few minutes to go from the mainland to Frioul Archipelago by ferry or boat. These islands are famous for their rugged beaches, quiet coves, historic sites. Especially, since they’re home to many wild birds.

Frioul archipelago, Mediterranean Sea
Frioul archipelago, Mediterranean Sea /@gettyimages

Let’s start your exploration with a visit to If Islands and the Chateau d’If ancient castle. Pomègues is considered the most beautiful island of the four islands in the Frioul Archipelago. You can enjoy spectacular coastal hikes, lush vegetation, and swimming in the coves and creeks.

Meanwhile, Rattoneau is a good choice for families looking for safe French islands, quiet beaches, gentler walks, etc. Hope the ideas about the 6 most charming islands in France will help you choose the best places to go. Wish you have the most fun and perfect experiences. Please visit the website to update interesting information.

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