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Things to Know Before Traveling to Qatar

Dhow Harbor and Doha mosque

Qatar is known as a country rich in oil and gas resources. Today, the country of Qatar is increasingly developing in tourism because of its diverse natural landscapes with the most modern architectural works or the commercial centers that gather a variety of famous brands. The most special thing is that Qatar is the venue […]

36 Best Places to Visit in Africa

As a continent with 54 different countries, Africa has a lot of interesting things to explore together, from mysterious Egyptian wonders, sprawling deserts or a vibrant South African country, a large continent. This is the second place in the world with many scenic spots as diverse as the wildlife world itself. If you have watched […]

Immerse yourself in the most beautiful islands in France

Belle-Ile-en-Mer Island

If you’re craving an awesome tropical vacation when the summer sunlight still shines, there’s probably no better place than the islands in France. Going to French islands, you can capture secluded beaches, amazingly crystal-clear water, craggy cliffs along with beautiful harbors. Islands are also paradise home to rare wild animals. 6 Islands in France for […]

How to spend 2 days in Munich, Germany

Olympic Tower in the Olympic Park, Munich

It is a place with the largest beer festival in the world, with beautiful architecture and easy access to the majestic Alps. Maybe 2 days is not enough time to explore Munich to the fullest. Located in the Free State of Bavaria, southern Germany, Munich (or “München”) is the country’s tourist paradise. This is not […]

Things to Know Before a trip to Morocco – Travel Guide

alleyway in chefchaouen, morocco

Morocco is the 3rd most popular destination for international travelers and it is also a Muslim country where alcohol, pork and dogs are not permitted. The majority of Moroccans speak Arabic but French is widely used too. If you’ve ever read the book One Thousand and One Nights, you probably picture the shape of Morocco […]