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Things to Know Before Traveling to Qatar

Dhow Harbor and Doha mosque

Qatar is known as a country rich in oil and gas resources. Today, the country of Qatar is increasingly developing in tourism because of its diverse natural landscapes with the most modern architectural works or the commercial centers that gather a variety of famous brands. The most special thing is that Qatar is the venue for the world’s largest football festival which is expected to take place from November 20 to December 18, 2022. Trip & Wellnes summarizes what you need to know before traveling to Qatar and this will help make your trip more complete.

The right time to travel to Qatar

The average temperature in Qatar is quite high, about 33.3 degrees Celsius. Qatar has two distinct seasons; winter and summer. Winter is usually from November to April and summer will begin to appear from early May to late October. Summertime is the harshest time in Qatar with the highest temperature from 35-42 degrees Celsius. In winter the weather is cooler and less rainy with an average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when visiting Qatar, you should choose winter to be able to experience the activities here in the ideal way best. Specifically, December and January will be the perfect choice for tourists when traveling to Qatar.

Famous attractions in Qatar

The Pearl, Pearl Island

About 350m from the coast of Doha, Qatar in West Bay Lagoon, The Pearl is the most luxurious and luxurious residential area in Qatar. It has luxury villas with apartment buildings, five-star hotels and a complex with international trade centers, restaurants, cafes and the world’s most lavish shopping. If you want to find a place to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with luxurious beauty, pearl island is a great choice for you.

View Of The Marina And Residential Buildings, The Pearl, Qatar
Pearl Island/ Source: gettyimages

Museum of Islamic art

This is one of the eye-catching buildings that you should not miss when visiting Doha, Qatar. The museum building with the main white background has many complex shapes and lines designed meticulously and sophisticatedly. Inspired by desert roses a unique natural phenomenon that only occurs in Qatar under certain weather conditions, this work attracts the curiosity of many visitors.

Museum of Islamic Art in Doha
Museum of Islamic Art in Doha/ @istockphoto

Desert Safari Doha

With the wild beauty of long, smooth sand dunes, the Doha desert is an indispensable part of a trip to Qatar. Coming here, visitors can ride a camel, sit in a car to enjoy the scenery, slide in the sand and be able to walk in the desert to enjoy the natural beauty.


Camel Ride In The Desert, Doha
Camel Ride In The Desert, Doha/ @gettyimages

Qatar National Museum

This is the largest Islamic art museum in the world and is also a famous tourist attraction in Qatar that should not be missed. It displays many valuable artifacts such as ceramics, jewelry, textiles, glasses, and metals from Spain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India and Central Asia. The museum is designed with a unique cubic architecture consisting of 5 floors. The Museum of Islamic Art is bright whether it is day or night, making the surrounding space always fanciful and attractive.

Sunset View Qatar National Museum Doha
Qatar National Museum, Doha/ @istockphoto

The museum with its main white background has many complex shapes and lines designed meticulously and sophisticatedly. Inspired by desert roses, a unique natural phenomenon that only occurs in Qatar under certain weather conditions, this work attracts the curiosity of many visitors.

Falcon Souq

Falcon Souq is a new and extremely attractive destination in Qatar that will give visitors surprises nowhere else is the appearance of the powerful falcon. Here you can see this ferocious beast in the flesh and trained by professional trainers. You can watch this animal perform several times a day.

Stuffed falcons at the Falcon Souq in Doha
Source: gettyimages

Katara Mosque

Located in the heart of Katara Cultural Village which gathers many of the most beautiful buildings not only in Qatar but also in the mystical Middle East and its unique architecture, elaborately decorated with lots of colorful tiles, Katara Cathedral captivates anyone when they first set foot in Qatar.

Katara Mosque in Katara Cultural Village in Doha
Source: istockphoto

Fort Zubarah

The fortress is located in the northwest of Qatar, a place that is still quite unspoiled and surrounded by sand valleys stretching endlessly. From the outside, the tower exudes the beauty of solitude but is very majestic and full of pride. When coming here, visitors will have interesting experiences with camel riding and enjoy the exhibitions inside the tower.

Al Zubarah Fort & Zubarah town ruins, Qatar
Source: gettyimages

Souq Waqif

Here you can buy a variety of traditional goods such as textiles, crafts, souvenirs, aromatherapy, spices, perfumes, aroma oils, falcons, even gold, and diamonds from the popular line to high-class. Souq Waqif also has many traditional restaurants and cafes serving the dining needs of visitors.

Waqif Souk and Fanar Tower in Qatar
Source: gettyimages

Aspire Park

This is one of the largest parks and one of the most scenic places in Qatar. Aspire attracts a large number of visitors to visit for a special experience during the weekend. When coming to the park, you can take a walk and admire the unique architecture such as the Torch tower.

Torch Tower from Spire Zoon Park
Source: istockphoto

Dishes not to be missed when traveling to Qatar

Qatar is the intersection of many cultures, so the cuisine here is also very diverse and rich with many delicious dishes. If you are wondering what to eat in Qatar or traditional delicacies in Qatar, Trip & Wellness will suggest a few dishes you should not miss.


If you want to enjoy a typical dish of Qatar, it is Machboos. This dish is a diverse combination of full oriental spice blends: basmati rice, pine nuts, and raisins cooked with lamb, chicken or grouper hamour…

Chicken Machboos
Chicken Machboos / @daringgourmet


Thareed, also known as Arab lasagna is also one of the famous Qatari dishes. The main ingredients of Thareed are vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes cooked with meats such as chicken or lamb to increase the sweetness and flavor of the dish. People will bring the ingredients to the stew and add a variety of spices and tomato sauce.

Thareed /@sugarflourdough

The sauce of this Thareed is very attractive, so in order to fully enjoy the flavor of the sauce, when serving the dish, people will put a layer of bread on the bottom and then put the thareed on top. Pieces of bread soaked in sauce served with meat, potatoes and vegetables are both tender and delicious.

Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi is the leading popular dish not only in Qatar cuisine but also throughout the countries of the Middle East. Using the main ingredients including zucchini, zucchini, lamb and other spices such as mint, and garlic… the dish brings an irresistible culinary experience. Kousa Mahshi is baked in the oven for an unforgettable taste.

kousa mahshi
Kousa Mahshi / @kousa mahshi


Madrouba is a dish you can’t miss with its rich flavor and you can easily find this dish at Muslim markets where the food introduced by the people to visitors is extremely delicious and leaves a deep impression. This is the dish that ends the famous day of Ramadan in the world. To make this dish, the chef really has to be very skillful, and the sense of taste must be excellent. The ingredients to make this dish are easy to find such as chicken, buttercream soup, and barley, …

quinoa mathrooba
Source: onearabvegan


The next dish on the list that Trip & Wellness compiled for you is Margooga. This dish is made from traditional spices and sophisticated processing. The spices will be cooked together to create a unique and different aroma. When you enjoy your stay, you should add a sprig of herbs to enhance the flavor and eat it with bread to create a characteristic consistency of the dish. Bringing the typical flavor of Middle Eastern cuisine, this will definitely be the dish you should enjoy when traveling to Qatar.

Source: livingnomads

Warak Enab

The dish is the interference of many culinary cultures of Qatar and Lebanon to create a special dish with a charming aroma. The main ingredients of Warak Enab are lamb, olive oil, and spices, … along with unique processing to create a bold and typical Qatari dish. This dish is often used as an appetizer or some places consider it the main dish in a meal.

Stuffed grape leaves or Warak Enab
Source: istockphoto

Transport when traveling to Qatar

Qatar is a developed country, so the main means of transportation are cars and taxis, but the wait is quite long and the price is not cheap. To have the safest and most economical trip to Qatar, you can choose the means of transportation to travel by bus for only 3 – 7 QAR per trip in the Doha city area.

If you want to take the bus outside of Doha, you can go in several ways.

  • From Al Ghanim main bus station, there are bus routes to Al Ruwais/Al Shamal, Al Thakhira, Dukhan, Mesaieed Industrial City, Abu Samra, Umm Garn Village, Al Kheesa and Al Khor.
  • From Hamad International Airport to West Bay via the Corniche/City Center mall, and from Asian Town to Al Shahaniya.

Long bus routes have more comfortable seats and separate luggage areas for riders to be comfortable. In addition, you can also rent a car in Doha to move around conveniently with a rental price of about 10-30 USD/day.

Information to know before traveling to Qatar:


Qatari riyal
Source: istockphoto

Qatar uses the Riyal (1 USD is equivalent to 3.6QAR). You can change money at the bank or at the airport into Riyal for easy use when traveling in Qatar.


traditional attire of Qatari
Source: gettyimages

The traditional attire of Qatari men is usually a long white shirt and a cloth scarf on their head. Besides, women often cover their heads with a black scarf. The culture of the people of the Middle East is preserved.

Prohibition law

No alcohol
Source: gettyimages

Qatar prohibits alcohol, tobacco and many other entertainment services


Arabic, English, besides a small part of the population speaks other languages ​​such as Urdu, Balochi, Malayalam, Pashto, Hindi, Telugu, Tagalog, Tamil, Sinhalese, Nelapi, and Bengali…

The hotel when traveling to Qatar

Sapphire Plaza Hotel

Source: Sapphire Plaza Hotel

Situated in a good location not far from the airport, this 4-star hotel in Qatar is perfect for your leisure or business trip. Like other hotels in Qatar, Sapphire Plaza Hotel always puts quality first with spacious, clean rooms fully equipped with modern amenities. You will not regret if you choose Sapphire Plaza Hotel as your stopover.

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Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha
Source: Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

5-star hotels in Qatar give you the most wonderful experiences. Besides, with a convenient location which is also easy to reach the famous tourist attractions of the city such as Aster Hospital, Hamad International Airport, Bay Exploration…

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Saraya Corniche Hotel

For travelers who want to see and feel Doha, Saraya Corniche Hotel is a perfect choice. With a luxurious space design in aristocratic style, you are completely assured of the quality of service here. Being rated as the number 1 hotel in Qatar is definitely not a myth if you should experience it, an unforgettable feeling.

Saraya Corniche Hotel
Source: Saraya Corniche Hotel

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Above is the most detailed information before the Qatar trip, I hope the above information will give you a happy and complete Qatar tour!


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