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12 Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in the Honduras

Honduras flag in Tegucigalpa

Situated in the heart of Central America, Honduras beckons travelers with its captivating landscapes, inviting them to explore its stunning islands, vibrant rainforests, and majestic mountains. Honduras offers unparalleled diving and snorkeling experiences in the Caribbean, thanks to its proximity to the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Moreover, this enchanting destination boasts a plethora of captivating sights such as ancient Mayan ruins, charming colonial villages, and vibrant festive celebrations. 

Embark on thrilling whitewater rafting expeditions, explore scenic hiking trails, and witness captivating exotic wildlife encounters – the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless in this travel destination. Discover the top tourist attractions in Honduras with Trip & Wellness.

1. Roatan

Heaven in Roatan
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Located in the Caribbean Sea is a captivating destination that belongs to the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan, a sought-after destination for travelers, is a captivating island that beckons cruise ships to its shores. Situated in Honduras, this enchanting locale entices visitors with its breathtaking landscapes and an array of thrilling adventures. 

Roatan offers a plethora of travel experiences, including the chance to explore its stunning beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Visitors can indulge in thrilling activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming, immersing themselves in the beauty of this tropical paradise. While exploring the island, you will come across various captivating attractions such as the renowned Iguana Farm, the enchanting Carambola Gardens, and the mesmerizing Roatan Butterfly Garden.

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2. Copan Ruins

the Copan Ruinas temples
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Located near the Guatemalan border lies the captivating Maya ceremonial city of Copán. Travelers have been drawn to the captivating region surrounding the ancient ruins for over 3,400 years, with evidence of human habitation dating back to 1400 BC. The charming town of Copán Ruínas is conveniently located just 1km (0.6 miles) away from the mesmerizing archaeological site. Travelers flock to this charming town, where tourism thrives, and the cobblestone plaza serves as the heart of the bustling activity. Within a short distance, there are numerous boutique hotels, delightful expat eateries, and charming handicraft stores, all waiting to be explored.

Upon arriving at the enchanting travel destination, one can explore the captivating archaeological site. The journey begins with a scenic pathway that guides visitors towards the intriguing Rosalia and Jaguar tunnels, offering an immersive experience. As you explore the tunnels, you will gain insight into the fascinating architectural techniques of the Maya civilization. 

Witness firsthand how they skillfully constructed temples upon temples, creating a mesmerizing, layered effect. The journey leads to the majestic Acropolis and the awe-inspiring Temple of Inscriptions. In the heart of the Great Plaza, situated across from the Temple of Inscriptions, lies the Hieroglyphic Stairway, a significant emblem of the city.

3. Utila

ent on deserted island off the coast of Utila
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Utila, located among the Bay Islands, stands out as an exceptional travel spot for diving enthusiasts in the Caribbean. Utila, located in the beautiful Caribbean, is renowned for offering the most affordable Open Water courses. It holds the impressive distinction of certifying a greater number of new divers than any other destination on the globe. 

However, exploring the vibrant underwater world is not the sole reason why Utila is a renowned travel destination. Alongside various water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and kayaking, travelers have the opportunity to embark on jungle hikes or horseback rides, discover hidden caves, and ascend Pumpkin Hill for breathtaking panoramic vistas.

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4. Lago de Yojoa

Lago de Yojoa
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Traveling along the scenic route from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, you will come across Lago de Yojoa, the magnificent natural lake that graces Honduras. This enchanting destination is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, offering a haven for those seeking to observe a diverse array of avian species. This destination is home to over 480 species of birds, such as whistling ducks, northern jacanas, and crakes.

You have the opportunity to embark on a travel adventure in this picturesque lake. Discover the wonders of this serene destination by either strolling along the shore or gracefully navigating through the reeds in a canoe or kayak. Nestled by the lake’s shores, you’ll find two magnificent national parks adorned with majestic mountains. Santa Bárbara National Park graces the northern side, while Cerro Azul Meambar National Park enchants the southern region.

Other popular travel activities in the area include embarking on scenic hikes to discover breathtaking waterfalls, venturing into an enchanting underground cave system, and indulging in captivating tours of aromatic coffee plantations and fascinating archaeological sites.

5. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve

Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve
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For avid travelers who appreciate the wonders of nature, the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is an absolute must-visit destination. This remarkable reserve safeguards Honduras’s expansive and pristine ecosystems, offering a haven for numerous endangered species. Travelers have the opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures such as hiking, fishing, and rafting in this destination. 

Additionally, they can partake in guided tours that take them through the lush tropical rainforests, allowing them to witness the beauty of exotic birds, monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles, and iguanas. Moreover, this destination boasts a multitude of travel-worthy attractions, including an abundance of archaeological sites like ancient Mayan ruins and a renowned spot that was once graced by the presence of the legendary explorer, Christopher Columbus.

6. Punta Sal

Rocky Shores of Punta Sal National Park
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Once frequented by adventurous travelers seeking refuge from the high seas, the enchanting region surrounding Punta Sal now stands as a sought-after destination to immerse oneself in the awe-inspiring wonders of Honduras. In the midst of captivating travel destinations, travelers can explore a range of breathtaking landscapes including sandy beaches, enchanting mangrove swamps, lush rainforests, and picturesque coastal lagoons. 

Amidst these natural wonders, visitors have the opportunity to witness a rich diversity of wildlife species such as vibrant tropical birds, graceful sea turtles, playful dolphins, gentle manatees, elusive crocodiles, mischievous monkeys, and majestic boas. The destination also offers a traditional village with charming, thatched huts, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture.

7. Gumbalimba Park

Gumbalimba Insectarium Sign located at Gumbalimba Park
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When embarking on a family adventure in Honduras, a must-visit destination is Gumbalimba Park. The travel destination is situated in the West Bay of Roatan Island, and it can be easily accessed by car or taxi from various locations on the island. While traveling in the park, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant flora that is showcased through the magnificent gardens, which boast an array of tropical plants. In addition to that, you can also encounter various animals such as macaws, parrots, monkeys, iguanas, and sloths during your travels.

Located within the enchanting Gumbalimba Park, travelers can explore a captivating museum showcasing the rich pre-Columbian heritage of Honduras. This cultural haven also offers a glimpse into traditional Honduran houses and various other fascinating artifacts, immersing visitors in the vibrant tapestry of the country’s history. Furthermore, among all the features, a major highlight of the park is its renowned swimming spot. This includes a picturesque natural swimming pool adorned with a cascading waterfall and a pristine beach. In this destination, you can experience the thrill of exploring the vibrant coral reefs through snorkeling and diving activities.

8. Rio Cangrejal

Rio Cangrejal
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Rio Cangrejal stands as a must-visit destination for adventure enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush. This renowned site offers unparalleled opportunities for kayaking and rafting, making it the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers. As you embark on your travel adventure, imagine the exhilarating experience of navigating through the river’s extensive stretches of white-water rapids, where the rushing currents gracefully maneuver around majestic boulders and cascade over breathtaking drop-offs. 

Prepare yourself for an abundance of adrenaline-inducing moments that await you along this remarkable waterway. There are four distinct sections of the river that have been classified based on skill levels, catering to individuals with varying levels of experience, from beginners to experts. In the area, you can find numerous travel agencies that specialize in organizing exciting tours, along with experienced guides who can assist beginners in acquiring the fundamental skills of rafting and kayaking.

9. Comayagua Street Carpets

Comayagua Street Carpets
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Between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, the tranquil colonial village of Comayagua undergoes a remarkable transformation, coming alive with a vibrant display of activity and color through its street carpet tradition. These vast carpets, intricately crafted from layers of colored sawdust and other natural materials like rice and flower petals, are meticulously designed to portray Biblical figures and the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
The local community then partakes in a procession that reenacts the crucifixion events, walking upon these carpets adorned in costumes, bearing religious icons, and reciting scripture. Even for non-religious visitors, this tradition is a must-see, offering a glimpse of the artistic splendor displayed in these carpets.

10. Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos
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Cayos Cochinos is a captivating travel destination that offers a serene escape for those seeking to immerse themselves in the country’s breathtaking natural wonders. Comprising of two primary islands and a collection of smaller cays, this hidden gem promises a tranquil retreat away from the bustling tourist hotspots. In this travel destination, you won’t find any roads or automobiles. However, there are scenic hiking trails that connect the beautiful beaches to the peaceful villages.

One of the popular travel destinations here is a journey to the lighthouse to experience breathtaking views of the surrounding region. Moreover, the destination boasts breathtaking coastlines that offer perfect opportunities for swimming and snorkeling.

11. La Tigra National Park

La Tigra National Park
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Located approximately 20 kilometers away from Tegucigalpa, La Tigra National Park (Parque Nacional La Tigra) stands as a captivating destination to explore in Honduras. Nestled high at an elevation of 2,270 meters, this pristine park safeguards a vibrant cloud forest teeming with ocelots, pumas, and monkeys, although spotting these magnificent creatures is a rare occurrence.

One of the most popular travel destinations in Honduras, this park provides a glimpse into the past, showcasing the natural beauty of the region before deforestation took its toll on the surrounding forests.

The park is a popular destination for bird enthusiasts, as it is home to over 200 species of birds. Visitors can spot a variety of colorful and unique birds such as toucans, trogons, and the rare quetzal. Scenic hiking trails meander through the lush forest, adorned with thriving bromeliads and orchids.

12. Guanaja

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Guanaja, a charming island destination, beckons travelers with its breathtaking landscapes and promises of a tranquil getaway. Visitors can unwind amidst the serene surroundings or partake in thrilling outdoor adventures. Guanaja is a perfect destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts due to its consistent warm temperatures, excellent visibility, and stunning coral reef. 

Other travel activities to consider include embarking on a thrilling adventure through the lush jungles, embarking on a scenic hike to reach the breathtaking Grant’s Peak, marveling at the beauty of a picturesque waterfall, and immersing yourself in the vibrant local villages to discover their unique shopping experiences, delectable cuisine, and rich cultural heritage.


Q: Is Honduras safe for tourists?

A: Honduras has areas that are safe for tourists, but like any other destination, it’s essential to stay informed about the local situation and exercise caution, especially in certain regions.

Q: What is the best time to visit Honduras?

A: The dry season from November to April is the best time to visit Honduras, as the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Honduras?

A: Most tourists from North America and Europe can enter Honduras for up to 90 days without a visa. However, it’s essential to check visa requirements based on your nationality.

Q: What is the currency in Honduras?

A: The currency in Honduras is the Honduran lempira (HNL).

Q: Are there opportunities for volunteering in Honduras?

A: Yes, there are various volunteer opportunities in Honduras, especially in conservation and community development projects. Research and connect with reputable organizations for volunteering options.