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12 Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Sweden

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Sweden, a destination that captivates with its fascinating history and diverse landscapes, is a haven for avid travelers and a source of inspiration for passionate photographers. If you are a fan of travel, it’s definitely difficult to find anything better. The air and water in this travel destination are exceptionally pure, offering a refreshing experience. There are countless acres of untouched forests and stunning lakes waiting to be discovered, as well as expansive archipelagos along its coastlines.

The travel experience in Sweden is enhanced by the excellent roads and public transport system. The locals are known for their friendly and helpful nature, making visitors feel welcome. Additionally, Swedish cuisine has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years, offering a culinary revolution to explore. Embark on an exhilarating journey through captivating historical narratives, where tales of legendary Viking conquerors, majestic royal bloodlines, and captivating imperial secrets await. Rest assured, monotony will never find its way into your travel experience.

When it comes to travel, Sweden offers a wide array of captivating destinations. From magnificent palaces and historic towns to expansive Arctic landscapes and the renowned Ice Hotel, there is something for every wanderlust-filled adventurer. When traveling to this destination, make sure to allocate ample time to fully immerse yourself in its array of outdoor activities and explore its rich historical landmarks.

To assist you in discovering the most captivating destinations in this beloved Scandinavian nation, we have compiled our  top tourist attractions in Sweden.

1. Icehotel

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Located in the picturesque village of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden, lies the awe-inspiring Icehotel. Every year, travelers flock to witness the mesmerizing transformation of the entire hotel, as it is meticulously constructed using snow and ice blocks sourced from the nearby Torne River. The Icehotel offers a unique travel experience with its constant freezing temperature, which guarantees stability and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Imagine stepping into a breathtaking ice bar, where every detail, from the bar itself to the glasses you hold, is intricately carved from ice. Travelers can enjoy the cozy comfort of furs, animal skins, and top-notch sleeping bags, ensuring pleasant temperatures during their stay. It’s worth noting that the Icehotel is only available for accommodation from December to April annually.

2. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan in the heart of Stockholm.
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If you have limited time to discover the vibrant city of Stockholm, be sure to dedicate your day or two to exploring the charming district of Gamla Stan. This is the old town, with lovely waterfront vistas and a plethora of historically important structures and attractions. When exploring Gamla Stan, travelers have the opportunity to appreciate the magnificent 17th century Royal Palace, a residence befitting the King of Sweden. 

Alternatively, you can embark on a thrilling adventure by visiting the magnificent Stockholm Cathedral, immersing yourself in the rich history of the House of Nobility, and delving into the captivating collections and exhibits at the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.

3. Visby

Medieval Hanse town Visby
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Immerse yourself in the rich medieval history and discover the abundance of ancient churches in the enchanting town of Visby. Encircled by picturesque walls adorned with blooming roses, this captivating destination on the island of Gotland has become a major attraction for travelers from all corners of the globe

As you wander through the charming cobblestone streets, you’ll find yourself transported to a bygone era, where the hustle and bustle of modern life fades away. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, many medieval trading houses still stand tall, showcasing their exquisite stepped gables. Additionally, scattered throughout the area, you can find charming timber buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Undoubtedly, Visby’s recognition as ‘the gem of the Baltic’ and its esteemed UNESCO World Heritage Site designation are truly justified. Exploring the breathtaking walls, which have stood for over 700 years, is an essential part of any travel itinerary. Whether you choose to embark on a self-guided adventure or opt for a guided sightseeing tour, this experience promises to be truly unforgettable. Nestled within the architecture lie approximately 44 fortified towers, while the walls themselves bear the remnants of past conflicts, evident in the presence of two breaches.

Travelers can easily find direct flights from Stockholm and various other cities in Sweden, along with convenient ferry connections.

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4. Vasa Museum

Swedish Royal warship Vasa on show at a museum
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The Vasa Museum, also known as Vasamuseet, can be found in Djurgården, a sprawling royal park situated in the Östermalm neighborhood of Stockholm. When exploring Sweden’s capital city, make sure to visit the renowned Vasa Museum, which is widely regarded as one of the top attractions for travelers. One of the remarkable attractions at the Vasa Museum is the grand exhibition of Vasa, a fully preserved Swedish warship dating back to the 17th century. In 1961, Vasa was retrieved from the depths of the water and underwent a meticulous restoration process. This remarkable experience provides a fascinating glimpse into the marine life and industry of the 17th century.

5. Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall with reflection on water at morning
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Located in the heart of Sweden, the magnificent Stockholm City Hall (Stockholms stadshus) stands tall as one of the country’s most renowned architectural wonders. Its construction spanned from 1911 to 1923, showcasing an impressive feat of engineering with a staggering eight million bricks meticulously assembled. Located in the heart of a picturesque destination, this architectural masterpiece stands as a prime representation of National Romanticism. Meticulously crafted by the renowned architect Ragnar Östberg, it captivates visitors with its unparalleled beauty and charm. The majestic tower, standing at a height of 106 meters, is adorned with three exquisite crowns.

Experience an enlightening journey that delves into the rich history of this captivating destination, while also discovering fascinating details about the prestigious Nobel Prize, which is annually bestowed upon deserving recipients in this remarkable location. During your travel, you will have the opportunity to visit the Blå Hallen, also known as the Blue Hall, which is the prestigious venue where the Nobel dinner takes place. Additionally, you will be able to explore the Gyllene Salen, or the Golden Hall, adorned with an astonishing display of 18 million gold mosaic tiles.

For those seeking to embark on a remarkable journey through time, an opportunity awaits to explore the magnificent Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus) nestled on the enchanting Queen’s Island (Drottningholm). Following a picturesque ferry journey, travelers have the opportunity to discover an exquisite 18th-century Baroque palace boasting over 600 rooms. It is also a popular destination for travelers, with several museums to explore. These include the Tre Kronor (Three Crowns) Museum, the Museum of Antiquities, the Armoury, and the Treasury. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly to witness the daily changing of the guard.

6. Oresund Bridge

Oresund bridge between Copenhagen Denmark and Malmo Sweden
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Embarking on a journey from the heart of Malmö, travelers can enjoy a scenic 15-minute drive that leads them to the awe-inspiring Oresund Bridge. Renowned across the globe since its establishment in 1999 and after years of meticulous planning, this iconic landmark has garnered even more fame thanks to its appearance in the popular Danish/Swedish TV series ‘The Bridge.

Embark on a remarkable journey as you traverse the awe-inspiring engineering marvel that connects Sweden to Denmark, seamlessly bridging the gap between these two captivating countries and ultimately uniting the vast continent of Europe. The travel route includes a bridge that accommodates both rail and road transportation. On the Danish side, the bridge seamlessly transitions into a tunnel to ensure minimal disruption to aircraft operations at Copenhagen airport.

Embark on a thrilling journey across the majestic bridge and venture through enchanting tunnel to the captivating land of Denmark. Once there, immerse yourself in the wonders of Copenhagen, where a plethora of attractions await your exploration.

7. Drottningholm Palace

Detail from the grounds of Drottningholm palace, a Unesco cultural heritage site
Source: istockphoto

When it comes to travel, Sweden boasts an abundance of magnificent castles and palaces. Among these remarkable architectural wonders, there is one that stands out on Lovö island, located in the heart of Lake Mälaren. Drottningholm Palace, a magnificent structure built during the 16th century, stands proudly as the current residence of the esteemed Swedish Royal Family. Fortunately, a significant portion of the palace and its surrounding areas are accessible to visitors. The travel destinations that are highly sought after include the baroque and English gardens. The Chinese Pavilion located in the gardens is a stunning sight to behold, making it a must-visit destination for travelers exploring Sweden’s top architectural attractions.

8. Abisko National Park

Abisko national park in september
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During the summer season, travelers can experience the enchanting Land of the Midnight Sun, where daylight persists for 24 hours a day, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere that lasts for several weeks. Abisko National Park, spanning approximately 77 square kilometers, lies a breathtaking haven renowned for its unspoiled landscapes and abundant Nordic wildlife. Travelers will find it to be an ideal destination for exploring Scandinavian winter activities and long summer hikes.

Abisko is situated approximately 100 kilometers west of the town of Kiruna and is more than 200 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle within the auroral oval. This is an area that is considered to be one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights.

Frequent flights are available from Stockholm to Kiruna, allowing for convenient travel options to reach the park via bus, train, or taxi transfers. If the weather is favorable, be sure to include a visit to the breathtaking Aurora Sky Station in your travel plans.

9. ABBA Museum

ABBA The Museum, Stockholm
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If you have a passion for exploring vibrant and carefree destinations, the ABBA The Museum in Stockholm offers an exhilarating travel experience.

The journey commences with a captivating exploration of the personal backgrounds of every member, showcasing a delightful collection of letters, costumes, and instruments. These remarkable artifacts are thoughtfully presented in meticulously recreated settings that transport you to the very places they frequented.

One of the most fascinating attractions is the museum’s recreation of the Arctic Expedition, featuring a faithful replica of the Polar Studio. Immerse yourself in the experience as you touch, observe, and listen to the authentic equipment, transporting you back in time to the studio’s heyday. Travelers can also explore a wide selection of ABBA memorabilia, ranging from small souvenirs to prestigious gold record awards.

If you truly desire to fully immerse yourself in the travel experience, make sure to explore the museum’s virtual performance space. Here, you can have the opportunity to “try on” various costumes and even take part in on-stage performances alongside holographic representations of Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Frida.

10. Ales Stenar

Ales Stenar
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Have you ever heard of Ales Stenar? It is a remarkable ancient monument located on the southern coast of Sweden. Ales Stenar, also known as Ale’s Stones, is a stone ship formation shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Ales Stenar is a remarkable travel destination, featuring an immense stone ship constructed from 59 impressive sandstone boulders. During your travels, you will come across a remarkable monument that harkens back to the enchanting Nordic Iron Age. This era, which predates the renowned Viking Age, flourished around 600 AD. Consider embarking on a captivating journey through Ales Stenar, where you can delve into the rich historical significance and gain a deeper understanding of the awe-inspiring stone monument nestled in the enchanting town of Ystad.

11. Kalmar Castle

Kalmar castle dating back 800 years.
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Located in the heart of Sweden, Kalmar is a captivating destination that boasts a rich history dating back to the early 11th century. Kalmar Castle, a remarkable travel destination, was built in 1160 and has managed to retain its impressive preservation over the years. The castle offers breathtaking views of the Kalmar Strait, and its picturesque waterfront scenery adds to its overall magnificence when seen from a distance. 

When it comes to travel, Kalmar Castle is not only visually stunning but also holds great historical importance. Kalmar Castle, located in the heart of Scandinavia, holds great historical significance in the realm of travel. In the 14th century, this majestic fortress became the meeting point where Denmark, Norway, and Sweden united their forces, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s history. Additionally, this remarkable site witnessed a pivotal battle during the 17th century, further adding to its allure and captivating travelers from around the world.

12. Sarek National Park

Tent in Sarek National Park
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Located in the enchanting region of Swedish Lapland, Jokkmokk is home to the magnificent Sarek National Park. This historic national park stands as one of the oldest in all of Europe, offering visitors a captivating journey through its breathtaking landscapes. The park is an incredible travel destination for adventure enthusiasts, as it offers a thrilling experience for hikers and mountaineers. It boasts the privilege of being the residence of six of Sweden’s prominent mountains. 

Sarek National Park boasts an impressive collection of over 200 majestic peaks and more than 100 breathtaking glaciers. Sarek, located in Sweden, is renowned for its stunning mountain peaks, extensive hiking trails, and breathtaking natural landscapes. It is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the country.