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12 Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in the Bulgaria

Beautiful aerial drone shot of national palace of culture in Sofia

Located in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria shines as a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria boasts stunning mountain ranges such as the Balkan, Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope mountains, creating a picturesque setting for the country’s charming traditional towns.

Explore these vibrant towns that boast a wealth of cultural heritage, while the majestic mountain ranges beckon nature enthusiasts and avid hikers to indulge in their paradise. As you venture along the Black Sea Coast, you’ll discover immaculate sandy beaches that stretch across the country. The vibrant seaside resorts cater to both international and local travelers, offering a cosmopolitan experience.

However, as you travel through Bulgaria, you will discover that history is intricately intertwined with the very essence of this captivating destination. For centuries, travelers have been captivated by Bulgaria’s rich history and cultural heritage. The country’s landscapes are adorned with ancient ruins, majestic churches, and grand fortresses, each telling a fascinating story. These remnants of the past serve as a constant reminder of Bulgaria’s distinctive narrative, inviting visitors to embark on a captivating journey through time. Traveling through time, we journey from the ancient Romans to the vibrant era of the Ottoman Empire and finally arrive at the present day, where we witness the thriving democratic state, it has become. Let’s explore some of the top tourist attractions in Bulgaria:


Aerial view of The Cathedral of the Assumption in Varna
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Varna, located in Bulgaria, is a vibrant coastal city known for its sophistication and stunning seaside views. Like other coastal towns in Bulgaria, Varna is also rich in historical significance. The Varna Archaeological Museum offers a captivating travel experience with its remarkable collection of gold exhibits, showcasing the world’s oldest gold discovered in the region. On the other hand, the Roman Baths make for an awe-inspiring destination, boasting the title of being the largest in Bulgaria.

Varna’s long history comes alive with the presence of various captivating landmarks scattered throughout the city. Some of the must-see attractions in this city are the Baroque Opera House and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. In the area, you will find three popular beaches that are often visited by travelers. Experience the ultimate beach getaway with an array of seaside restaurants and bars, thrilling adventure sports, and comfortable loungers.

The area boasts world-class shopping, accommodation, and spa treatments, making it a perfect destination for travelers. Additionally, English is widely spoken, ensuring ease of communication for visitors.

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Rila Monastery

Rila monastery, a famous monastery in Bulgaria.
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Nestled amidst the picturesque Rila Mountains, the breathtaking Rila Monastery is a sight to behold. In the 10th century, St. John of Rila, a hermit, embarked on a remarkable journey and established it. Every year, numerous travelers and sightseers flock to this renowned destination, which holds immense spiritual importance dating back centuries.

The ancient temple also conceals a couple of enigmatic mysteries. This destination is known for being a haven for revolutionary leaders, such as the renowned Vassil Levski and Peyo Yavorov, who sought refuge here on various occasions. During your travels, you will discover that the onsite library of this place has been instrumental in safeguarding the rich literary heritage of Bulgaria. With a collection of around 250 manuscripts spanning from the 11th century to the 19th century, it has played a significant role in preserving the country’s literary culture.

Aesthetically, the travel destination is captivating. As you explore, you will be captivated by the striking architecture adorned with black and white arches, elegant wooden staircases, and grand iron gates. The vibrant tiles adorn the floor, while priceless paintings grace the walls.


Aerial view of financial business district at sunset, Sofia
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Traveling to Sofia is an outstanding experience. Traveling to this destination offers a captivating journey through its vibrant past, while still embracing a youthful and energetic spirit. The travel destination pleasantly intermixes the new with the old. The bustling city center is teeming with remnants of the past, showcasing a rich tapestry of historical landmarks and ancient ruins that transport visitors and locals alike to a bygone era. But it has also become a popular destination for travelers seeking contemporary art and unique hospitality experiences.

During your trip, it is highly recommended to explore one of the city’s numerous galleries or museums. However, if that doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of beautifully maintained parks within the city limits, as well as pristine hiking areas just a short distance away. One of the must-visit destinations is Mt. Vitosh, situated at an impressive altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. This magnificent mountain provides travelers with breathtaking vistas of the nearby lakes and lush green landscapes. If you’re traveling to Bulgaria, you must visit Sofia.

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Pirin National Park

Valley and mountain slopes in Pirin National Park
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With over 70 glacial lakes, ancient forests, and majestic peaks and ridges reaching 2,915 meters, the Pirin National Park stands as a cherished gem of Bulgaria. The Balkan Mountain range offers a safe haven for a diverse range of rare species, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Travelers can still encounter large animals as they explore the slopes, including brown bears, wild boar, gray wolves, and jackals. This remote and untamed region faces the risk of development due to the establishment of ski resorts.

Experience the wonders of travel by exploring the breathtaking park through invigorating hikes along its countless trails, cycling through picturesque alpine meadows, or indulging in the serene activity of fishing amidst cascading waterfalls. You have the opportunity to spend the night in Pirin’s huts and discover the renowned Baykuchevata Macedonian pine tree, which is believed to have existed for around 1,350 years!

Tsarevets Fortress

Entrance road of entrance of Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo
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Located in the captivating city of Tarnovo, Tsarevets Fortress stands as a remarkable testament to Bulgaria’s rich history and former grandeur. This magnificent fortress was constructed on the very grounds where the medieval tsars once resided, nearly 800 years ago, during Tarnovo’s reign as the capital. Embark on a captivating journey through the ancient, sprawling ruins, where you will chance upon the remnants of more than 400 houses and countless churches.

As you travel to the fortress, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. These vistas offer a glimpse into the strategic placement of the fortress, situated 206m above sea level. This elevated position served as a formidable defense, safeguarding the kingdom from potential invasions throughout its rich history. Exploring the majestic stronghold requires traversing through scenic pathways, where one can embrace the thrill of ascending steep slopes. As the fortress can only be reached by foot, visitors have the opportunity to leisurely roam the premises and ascend the ancient walls, immersing themselves in a tranquil ambiance.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
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Sunny Beach is renowned for its expansive coastline, featuring pristine sandy beaches that gently meet the shores of the Black Sea. Additionally, the resort town attracts a multitude of travelers who seek to indulge in its vibrant nightlife scene. The picturesque coastline boasts eight kilometers of golden beaches, providing an ideal destination to bask in the sun’s warmth and indulge in refreshing swims.

The pristine beaches in this region offer a serene escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. With their well-maintained cleanliness and protection from natural forces, these beaches provide an ideal setting for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear sea. Moreover, the coastal area boasts a wide range of affordable and family-oriented hotels, ensuring a delightful stay for all. If you’re looking for a getaway where you can bask in the sun and discover the wonders of the nearby region, including the historic town of Nessebar, then this destination is perfect for you.

Veliko Tarnovo

Tsarevets old town in historical city Veliko Tarnovo
Source: istockphoto

Located in the heart of Bulgaria, this charming city is renowned for being the ultimate travel destination, thanks to its iconic Tsarevets Fortress. Having been the residence of the Tsars in the past, this city is often referred to as the “City of Tsars” in travel circles. The ancient city is surrounded by majestic stone walls stretching for 1000 meters (3000 feet). Numerous vantage points along the wall provide travelers with breathtaking 360-degree vistas of the enchanting hills that envelop the area, as well as the captivating city nestled below.

The picturesque city’s historic district is nestled amidst rolling hills, boasting charming cobblestone streets, traditional residences, and centuries-old churches. In the vicinity, you will find the renowned Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God, known for its stunning architecture and awe-inspiring ancient artworks.

Centuries ago, travelers marveled at the city’s impressive array of over 30 monasteries. However, among them, this particular monastery stands out as the finest remaining example. Meanwhile, the vibrant district of the city has emerged as a bustling hub for commerce and governance in Northern Bulgaria. It offers contemporary dining and a variety of lodging choices.


Street view in old bulgarian town Koprivstitsa
Source: istockphoto

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this tranquil town, adorned with charming houses painted in a myriad of colors. Experience the allure of traditional Bulgarian architecture as you wander through its streets. Delight in the lively folk festivals that bring the town to life, showcasing the region’s cultural heritage. Uncover the fascinating history that lies within its walls, as this town was once a pivotal hub during the intense April uprisings against the Ottoman Empire.

The origin of this enchanting town remains shrouded in mystery, with countless captivating legends woven into its tapestry. It can be confirmed that it has undergone various transformations over the years before it became the enchanting destination it is today. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the town, where over 350 remarkable historic, architectural, ethnographic, and artistic monuments await your exploration.

When exploring Koprivshtitsa, make sure to visit the remarkable attractions that will leave a lasting impression on your travel experience. One such attraction is Oslekov House, a magnificent residence constructed in 1856, which belonged to a prosperous merchant. Another notable site is Topalova House, a charming dwelling built in 1854, where a prominent tax collector once resided. These historical landmarks offer a glimpse into the rich heritage of Koprivshtitsa and are not to be missed. Both exhibit artifacts exclusive to the era of the residences and depict the lifestyle of the 1900s. Meanwhile, the charming village is nestled amidst breathtaking mountain ranges adorned with vibrant shades of emerald, green.


Wide aerial drone view over the sea garden in Burgas
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Burgas is a stunning coastal destination surrounded by the ocean and numerous lakes. In contrast to its neighboring coastal destinations, Burgas began to experience significant growth and development in the 20th century. It was then that it was discovered that the bay was a great destination for travel and exploration. In the heart of the city, you will find a bustling industrial center.

On the other hand, the picturesque coastal promenade is impeccably maintained, offering a delightful stroll, while the serene beaches exude tranquility. In this beautiful travel destination, you will find a variety of excellent restaurants and comfortable accommodations. Additionally, you can spend your days away from the sea by exploring the stunning lakes in the area.


Ski resort chair lifts in Bansko
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Bansko, a charming town in Bulgaria, is widely recognized as the ultimate destination for skiing enthusiasts. Located in the picturesque region of Southern Bulgaria, the charming town of Bansko awaits you. It is beautifully situated at the base of the majestic Pirin Mountains, whose summit soars to an impressive height of 2914 meters. The travel destination is conveniently situated just 160 kilometers away from the capital city of Sofia.

The Bansko Ski Resort is renowned for offering the longest ski season in Bulgaria. It frequently rivals resorts in France and Switzerland for its exceptional skiing experience, offered at prices lower than those in the Alps. The destination, and city itself offers numerous post-travel eateries, and entertainment choices, and there are top-notch wellness centers to pamper oneself when travelers are not exploring the local attractions.

Every year, travelers from around the world flock to the charming town of Bansko to experience the renowned Bansko Jazz Festival. This highly anticipated event showcases not only talented musicians from Bulgaria but also renowned international performers.

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Belogradchik fortress at sunset
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Travelers who venture to the remote corner of Bulgaria, nestled on the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, are often captivated by the extraordinary geological marvels that await them on the outskirts of Belogradchik town.

Renowned as the Belogradchik Rocks, this mesmerizing destination showcases a vast array of captivating hoodoos and monolithic formations, which have served as a source of inspiration for numerous folk tales and local legends.

But the attractions of Belogradchik do not end there. Absolutely, sir! How about exploring the magnificent Belogradchik Fortress complex, which dates to Roman times? You can also visit the impressive citadel of Baba Vida nearby and marvel at the enigmatic prehistoric wall art found in the Magura Cave.


Aerial drone shot of Ancient Roman theatre, Plovdiv
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Travelers can discover the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe at this destination. It’s no wonder that this city is a haven for travelers, with its abundant historical landmarks. Among them, you will find a Roman Amphitheater that hosts regular programs, the captivating Ruins of Eumolpias, and a multitude of charming churches.

On the other hand, Plovdiv has recently become a popular destination for travelers due to its vibrant food and wine scene. Travelers can explore a multitude of traditional wineries that have recently emerged in the city and its surrounding regions. When it comes to travel, one cannot overlook the immense pride Bulgarians have in their exceptional wine-making capabilities.

The city itself is nestled among seven picturesque hills, and the surrounding region is adorned with the magnificent Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountain range. These natural wonders have captivated both tourists and residents, enticing them to embark on thrilling hikes and immersive explorations.


Q: Is Bulgaria a safe destination for travelers?

A: Yes, Bulgaria is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it’s advisable to take standard precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

Q: What’s the best time to visit Bulgaria?

A: The best time to visit Bulgaria depends on your interests. Summer is great for beachgoers, while winter offers excellent skiing opportunities.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Bulgaria?

A: It depends on your nationality. Check with the Bulgarian embassy or consulate in your country for visa requirements.

Q: What are some must-try Bulgarian dishes?

A: Don’t miss trying banitsa (a pastry), kavarma (a stew), and Shopska salad when in Bulgaria.

Q: Are English speakers common in Bulgaria?

A: While not everyone speaks English, you can generally find English-speaking individuals in tourist areas and larger cities.