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The 7 Best Campgrounds in Tofino, BC

Awaken amidst the towering trees of an ancient forest or on the Pacific Ocean’s shores, lulled by the rhythmic sound of waves caressing the enormous beaches. Camping in Tofino offers a genuine connection with the area’s natural beauty, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding environment.

While the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve stands out as the primary attraction for camping, opportunities abound from the southern town of Ucluelet to the newly expanded options in the northern reaches of Tofino. Interestingly, several private campgrounds surpass the offerings within the park, providing enhanced facilities and superior locations.

Each campground carries its unique ambiance, with some catering predominantly to surfers, while others are tailored for families. Depending on the campground, a variety of options are available, encompassing RV sites, tent sites, and glamping choices such as yurts, hard-sided structures, or permanent RV setups.

Below is a compilation of the best campgrounds in the Tofino area.

1. Wya Point Resort Campground

Campsite at Wya Point Resort Campground
Campsite at Wya Point Resort Campground

This campground boasts the most picturesque setting in the region. The dark-sand beach and the surrounding rocky shoreline are incredibly scenic and secluded enough to avoid the presence of wandering tourists.

Wya Point Campground features a combination of drive-in and walk-in campsites. Some walk-in tent sites are nestled among the trees at the top of the beach, just a short distance from the parking area. Imagine waking up to a breathtaking view and stepping directly onto the sandy shore.

The sites are primarily designed for tents, although some small RVs and pop-up trailers can fit with creative parking. The drive-in sites are situated a bit farther back and uphill from the beach, while at one end of the beach, there is a row of three oceanfront yurts.

Accessing the campsite involves driving a few kilometers down a dirt road, which is advantageous as it removes you from the highway and any traffic noise. All sites offer privacy and come equipped with a picnic table and fire pit. Facilities include flush toilets and showers.

2. Crystal Cove Beach Resort: Cabin and RV Resort

Crystal Cove Beach Resort
Crystal Cove Beach Resort

Crystal Cove features a variety of RV sites and 34 charming log cabins available for rent. The property boasts well-maintained grounds adorned with beautiful gardens and common areas, while the front of the premises provides scenic views of the ocean.

Certain RV sites are designed for long-term stays, while others cater to short-term visitors. All RV sites include 30-amp power, water, sewer, a picnic table, and a fire pit. Additionally, Crystal Cove offers 10 “glamping” sites featuring fully outfitted permanent 5th-wheel RVs in lengths of 30, 35, and 40 feet, catering to overnight or extended visitors. During peak season, a minimum stay of three nights is required.

With a vibrant children’s playground featuring play structures and engaging activities, Crystal Cove truly embodies a “resort” atmosphere rather than just a campground. Its convenient location just outside of Tofino makes it incredibly accessible for town visits, grocery shopping, and exploring nearby attractions.

3. Long Beach Campground

Long Beach Campground
Long Beach Campground

Despite its name, implying proximity to Long Beach, this campground is nestled in the woods near the airport and Long Beach Golf Course. The campground comprises 76 sites, featuring a mix of spacious sites within a densely wooded area and a few brighter sites situated in more open grassy areas. Additionally, six fully serviced RV sites are available.

Long Beach Campground enjoys an exceptionally convenient location, with easy access to various activities within Pacific Rim National Park, and the main beach just across the highway. The town of Tofino is only a short drive away.

For golf enthusiasts, the campground is ideally situated as the golf course is on the same property and within easy walking distance from the campsites. Long Beach Campground offers new flush toilets, laundry facilities, and complimentary showers (a rare amenity!) in the main building. While dogs are allowed, a one-time fee is applicable.

4. Green Point Campground

Green Point Campground
Green Point Campground/ @Flickr

Green Point Campground is situated within Pacific Rim National Park, offering a spacious camping area in a densely wooded location that is centrally positioned. Nestled high above the ocean amidst the trees, some front-loop sites provide partial ocean views over a hillside. However, these sites are not directly on the oceanfront, preventing direct access to the water from the campsites.

The sites ensure privacy with ample vegetation between them. The campground features towering trees, and site sizes vary. Those nearest to the ocean are smaller, and ideal for tents, while sites on the forest side of the loop are larger, and suitable for sizable RVs.

With a total of 94 drive-in sites, all equipped with electricity, and an additional 20 primitive walk-in forest sites, the campground offers diverse options. All sites are available for reservation, and during the peak summer season, they tend to book quickly when registrations open in January. Planning or considering a visit in the spring or fall increases your chances of securing a campsite.

5. Surf Junction Campground

Surf Junction Campground
Surf Junction Campground

Situated on the inland side of Highway 4, this campground boasts a quirky and enjoyable atmosphere tailored to surfers. Offering unique amenities such as a hot tub and sauna—ideal for warming up after braving the chilly waters of the North Pacific Ocean—it also provides wetsuit washing facilities and drying racks.

Comprising 75 tent and RV sites, many of which are spacious and predominantly level, the campground is divided into two sections: the Front Lot and the Back Lot, with approximately one kilometer between them. Opt for the Back Lot if you seek peace, while the Front Lot offers a livelier atmosphere and proximity to the hot tub and sauna.

Surf Junction is committed to constant improvement. A new communal building has been recently constructed in the Back Lot, featuring showers, toilets, and an indoor kitchen area for meal preparation. It serves as a lively space to socialize, meet fellow travelers, and share surfing tales.

On-site, there are surfboard and equipment rentals, along with instruction services. For surf enthusiasts or those aspiring to become surfers who also enjoy camping, this campground is an ideal destination. Keep in mind that it is not directly located on the ocean; Wickaninnish Beach, one of the premier surfing spots along the coast, is approximately a five-minute drive away.

6. Ucluelet Campground

Ucluelet Campground
Ucluelet Campground

Nestled in Ucluelet, approximately a 40-minute drive south of Tofino and just 20 minutes from Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, this campground offers a city park ambiance despite being in town. Some sites provide scenic views of the charming harbor, while others offer glimpses of the surrounding mountains.

Ucluelet Campground, with its 125 sites, offers a diverse setting, evoking the feel of a city park rather than a rainforest. For those desiring more wooded surroundings, semi-private forested sites are also available. It’s important to note that the campground provides only a 15-amp service. Recently, a new washroom building with modern amenities and heated.

7. Bella Pacifica Campground

Bella Pacifica Campground
Bella Pacifica Campground

Nestled close to town in a genuine forest setting, Bella Pacifica is a delightful campground boasting 190 sites. The tent sites offer an extraordinary experience, enveloped in privacy amid towering trees, with many featuring captivating ocean views. On the other hand, the RV area lacks the same charm, consisting of a long, open space without privacy between sites.

Despite the contrasting environments, Bella Pacifica Campground enjoys an incredibly convenient location. Four boardwalks provide campers with access to the expansive beauty of McKenzie Beach. The campground facilitates campers with three restroom facilities equipped with flush toilets and showers, and basic supplies can be obtained from the campground office.


Q: Are campgrounds in Tofino pet-friendly?

A: Most campgrounds in Tofino are pet-friendly, but it’s essential to check individual campground policies.

Q: What’s the best time of year to camp in Tofino?

A: Summer and early fall offer the best weather for camping in Tofino, with mild temperatures and less rainfall.

Q: Can I make reservations for Tofino campgrounds online?

A: Yes, many campgrounds in Tofino allow online reservations for convenience.

Q: Are there any restrictions on campfires in Tofino?

A: Campfire regulations vary, so it’s crucial to check with the specific campground and adhere to local guidelines.

Q: What should I pack for a camping trip to Tofino?

Q: Essentials include a good tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, warm clothing, and outdoor gear suitable for various activities.