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12 Best Beaches in Ontario You Need to Vist

12 Best Beaches in Ontario

During the warm, lengthy, and humid summers in the most populous regions of Ontario, many residents escape the urban heat by heading to the beach. Ontario’s beaches showcase the province’s diversity, with some resembling Caribbean getaways, boasting white sand and crystal-clear water that takes on shades of blue and turquoise in the sunlight.

Others are secluded, bordered by pine forests, or nestled in coves along rocky coastlines. Whether you prefer expansive sandy shores teeming with people on sunny days or hidden gems where you can enjoy solitude even on the busiest summer weekends, Ontario has a beach to suit every taste.

While some beaches are free to access, many are located in provincial parks with an associated day fee. Some are situated in towns, and although entry to the beach might be free, you may incur a parking fee. Regardless, spending a summer day at an Ontario beach is a fantastic way to stay cool.

For suggestions on where to visit, consult our list of the best beaches in Ontario.

1. Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach
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Spanning 10 kilometers along Lake Huron, Sauble Beach stands out as one of Ontario’s premier beach destinations. Certain sections of Sauble Beach permit visitors to drive their cars directly onto the sand, eliminating the need to haul all their belongings across the sun-drenched expanse. With a simple admission fee, you can park your car and establish your beach spot hassle-free.

The beach is well-equipped to cater to summer crowds, featuring restaurants just off the beach that serve classic beach fare, including ice cream and other snacks. Sauble Beach is a hub for volleyball enthusiasts, and water activities abound, encompassing jet skiing, kiteboarding, and leisurely paddling on a stand-up paddleboard.

2. Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks Provincial Park
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Sandbanks Provincial Park boasts one of Ontario’s most distinctive beaches. Situated along the shores of Lake Ontario, this beach is renowned for its expansive sand dunes that slope down into the water. It provides a playful environment for children and those young at heart, inviting them to race down the dunes and plunge into the water.

The park encompasses three beaches: Outlet Beach, ideal for families with small children due to its shallow and warm water; Dunes Beach, featuring sand dunes that extend into the water; and Sandbanks, a lengthy beach that tends to be uncrowded. It’s worth noting that at Dunes Beach, the water can deepen rapidly.

Located in Prince Edward County near Belleville, Sandbanks Provincial Park not only offers a stunning beach and sand dunes but also provides excellent campsites in two designated campgrounds: Cedars and Outlet River.

3. Agawa Bay

Agawa Bay
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The northern shoreline of Lake Superior boasts extensive stretches of golden sand with shallow, crystal-clear waters, and among the best is the beach at Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park. It’s an exceptionally picturesque destination for families seeking a camping beach vacation.

As you relax in your beach chair, gazing at the seemingly boundless expanse of blue water extending towards islands and the distant horizon, you might momentarily feel transported to the Caribbean. However, the invigoratingly cool and refreshing water quickly brings you back to the reality of this northern gem.

Camping along the beach’s edge is one of the park’s most delightful experiences. Charming waterfront campsites are nestled in the sand beneath towering pine trees. Crawling into your sleeping bag, you can be serenaded to sleep by the soothing sounds of the gently lapping waves.

4. Grand Bend

Grand Bend

Stretching for 25 miles along the shores of Lake Huron, the beach in this area stands out for its warm, shallow water—a rarity in the Great Lakes. Your preferred beach activity will guide your choice of location. For a lively atmosphere, opt for Main Beach, right in the heart of the action. If a more tranquil beach experience is your preference, head to South Beach, where families and visitors are immersed in their books.

Grand Bend holds a rich history as one of Ontario’s original beach towns, embodying the quintessential summer destination. It features typical summer town elements such as T-shirt shops, ice cream stands, hot food vendors, and people enjoying the sunshine.

An additional highlight is the spectacular fireworks display hosted by Grand Bend on July 1st.

5. Port Dover

Port Dover
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Port Dover is renowned for being home to the sole beach in Ontario adorned with palm trees. If you are seeking a tropical ambiance, complete with the sight of tall palms swaying in the breeze, this is the ideal destination. This more compact stretch of sand is complemented by a vibrant town replete with restaurants and shops. Situated on Lake Erie, one of the warmer Great Lakes, the beach typically offers gentle waves and clear water.

Port Dover has held its status as a go-to beach destination in Ontario for over a century, drawing in primarily older demographics and young families. Even on the busiest summer weekends, the beach tends to remain uncrowded.

6. Awenda Provincial Park

Awenda Provincial Park
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Awenda Provincial Park is situated around the bend from Wasaga Beach near the town of Midland on Georgian Bay. The park’s serene beaches provide picturesque views across the water to Giant’s Tomb Island.

One of the primary perks for beach enthusiasts venturing to Awenda Provincial Park is the pet-friendly beach. In specified areas, your canine companion can frolic in the sand alongside other furry friends and enjoy a splash in the water.

Access to the beaches is through a footpath from the parking lot. The premier beach, known as Third Beach on Methodist Point Bay, is sheltered from the wind and waves.

7. Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach
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Just 90 minutes from Toronto, Wasaga Beach holds the title of the world’s longest freshwater beach. Extending in a lengthy, curved stretch along Nottawasaga Bay for 14 kilometers, this beach attracts over two million visitors each season. The warm and shallow water makes it an ideal destination for families with small children and individuals who are not strong swimmers.

The choice of where to set up may depend on your interests. The beach is segmented into sections 1 through 6. Sections 1 and 2, located in town, are accompanied by a boardwalk. This area is bustling with people and features numerous restaurants, shops, and services. It is a vibrant scene with people enjoying themselves in large groups and, of course, casually strolling along, exuding a cool vibe, and engaging in some discreet people-watching.

Sections 3 through 6 offer a quieter and more natural setting, perfect for those seeking a peaceful spot in the sun with a good book. If you have your dog along, head to section 3, where they can play in the waves.

Each summer, the beach comes alive with exciting events, ranging from volleyball tournaments to spectacular fireworks displays.

8. Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear Provincial Park
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Situated near Parry Sound, Killbear Provincial Park features multiple beaches along Georgian Bay. Unlike many other beaches in the area, these are crescents of sand nestled between rocky headlands. Visitors enjoy swimming off both the beaches and the rocks when the water is calm.

The water in this area is crystal-clear and can be cold, so you likely will not find yourself lingering. It is warmest if you stay close to the shore.

Killbear is among the most popular provincial parks in Ontario, offering seven campgrounds set amid tall trees, all within a five-minute walk of the water.

9. Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Situated approximately an hour west of Sault Ste. Marie, on the shores of Lake Superior, this beach features clear water bordered by a mixed forest. The water is exceptionally clear and remains shallow for an extended distance. This area is designated for day use, and picnic tables, along with restroom facilities, line the top of the beach.

Although the waters of Lake Superior are often bone-numbingly cold, Pancake Bay stands out as an exception where the water warms up to a reasonable level. It’s one of the rare places where you can comfortably stay in the water for an extended period. In conditions of light or offshore winds, this becomes an ideal spot for stand-up paddleboarding.

For those interested in camping near the beach, Batchawana Bay Provincial Park is located about 10 minutes away.

10. Southampton


For a serene beach experience where you can stroll for miles lost in your thoughts, visit Southampton Beach. Here, you will encounter peace and tranquility as the waves gently lap at the shore. Set up a beach blanket near the dune grass and immerse yourself in a good book.

While the beach itself is sandy, just offshore, you will encounter a bottom composed of a mix of small rocks and pebbles. If you have water shoes, it’s advisable to bring them. Close to the beach, you will discover the historical Pinafore Boardwalk, stretching from High Street to Beach Street. Along the way, benches are strategically placed for you to rest and enjoy the view.

11. Sugar Beach, Toronto

Sugar Beach, Toronto
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Located in downtown Toronto on the waterfront, Sugar Beach stands apart from other popular beaches in Ontario for the simplest of reasons: swimming is not the primary activity here! Instead, beach chairs and umbrellas are arranged across a roughly triangular area filled with soft, golden sand, offering a view of the water. It’s designed more for socializing and relaxing in the sun than for taking a dip.

Named after the adjacent sugar refinery, Sugar Beach buzzes with activity during the summer. You can lounge in a Muskoka chair and engage in some serious people-watching or keep an eye on the water activities in Toronto Harbour.

12. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park
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One of the premier provincial parks in Ontario, Bon Echo has consistently been a favored destination for residents on the eastern side of the province. It’s particularly beloved by families, and one of the main attractions is the park’s stunning expanses of beach. From the main beach, there’s an incredible view across to a towering rock face.

The park features three excellent beaches: North Beach, South Beach, and Main Beach. All of them have sandy bottoms and are roped off to ensure that boat traffic stays at a safe distance from swimmers.

Due to its relatively secluded location, most visitors to Bon Echo come for camping. It’s also an excellent spot for canoeing and kayaking.

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Q: Are these beaches suitable for families?

A: Absolutely! Many of Ontario’s beaches, such as Sauble Beach and Port Stanley Beach, are family-friendly with safe waters and amenities.

Q: What recreational activities are available at Pinery Provincial Park?

A: Pinery Provincial Park offers a range of activities, including hiking, bird watching, and camping.

Q: Is there a nightlife scene at Grand Bend Beach?

A: Yes, Grand Bend Beach is known for its vibrant nightlife with beachfront bars and entertainment options.

Q: Are there accommodations available near Killbear Provincial Park?

A: Yes, there are camping facilities and nearby accommodations for visitors to Killbear Provincial Park.

Q: Can I explore nature trails at Point Pelee National Park’s beaches?

A: Absolutely! Point Pelee National Park offers nature trails leading to the southernmost tip, providing stunning views along the way.