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12 Best Campgrounds in Manitoba to Visit

12 Best Campgrounds in Manitoba to Visit

Every summer, the cool waters and lush greenery of Manitoba’s lakes and forests attract city dwellers. Camping in Manitoba offers a laid-back and enjoyable experience, with a variety of campgrounds catering to different interests.

With over 50 campgrounds scattered across the province, the choice is yours based on the experience you are seeking and how far you are willing to drive. For moose sightings, Paint Lake is a great choice, while Grand Beach or Winnipeg Beach is ideal for beach enthusiasts. If you are a rookie camper, consider Birds Hill Provincial Park.

Campgrounds are typically situated by a lake, so make sure to bring water toys, boats, stand-up paddleboards, and life jackets.

The best campgrounds are often located in provincial and national parks, well-equipped to accommodate visitors. Most parks provide amenities like running water and flush toilets. The majority offer electric and water services at individual sites, and some feature cabins and specialized accommodations such as oTENTik and micrOcube.

Booking campgrounds in advance online is advisable, especially for July or August camping trips. Plan your summer adventures with our curated list of the best campgrounds in Manitoba.

1. Grand Beach Campground

Grand Beach Campground
Grand Beach Campground

Grand Beach Provincial Park stands as one of Manitoba’s oldest and most renowned camping destinations. Since the early 1900s, individuals from Winnipeg have been embarking on the 75-minute journey to revel in the beauty of this fantastic lakeside stretch on Lake Winnipeg.

Grand Beach camping caters to diverse preferences. Families relish the shallow, warm waters, teenagers partake in the vibrant and trendy beach scene, and those seeking tranquility can discover their own peace while hiking in the dunes.

The campground encompasses 350 sites arranged in 17 bays. A brief walk from the campground leads to East Beach, characterized by its expansive spaces. The sites come in a mix of regular and electric options. Bays 6, 9, and 10 adhere to an alcohol-free policy. The Ancient Beach hiking trail commences from the eastern side of the campground.

2. Tulabi Falls Campgrounds

Tulabi Falls in Nopiming Provincial Park
Tulabi Falls in Nopiming Provincial Park

For those seeking a more immersive wilderness experience, venture approximately 200 kilometers north of Winnipeg to Nopiming Provincial Park. Here, you’ll encounter four rugged campgrounds: Black Lake, Tulabi Falls, Beresford Lake, and Caribou Landing.

The campgrounds provide water, some offer electricity, and comfort stations comprise vault toilets. Wildlife sightings, including woodland caribou and the elusive timber wolf, are highly likely. Don’t forget your fishing rod; the lakes and rivers boast excellent fishing opportunities.

Among the campgrounds, Tulabi Falls stands out as the most scenic. The water cascades from Tulabi Lake down a rocky slope to the Bird River below.

The campground features 36 sites, with 19 offering electricity. For those who prefer sheltered accommodation, six yurts are available.

3. West Hawk Lake Campground

West Hawk Lake Campground
West Hawk Lake Campground

Nestled among pine and poplar forests on a gentle rise just inland from the lake, the West Hawk Lake Campground offers 123 generally spacious sites suitable for both tents and RVs. The campground features two beaches and a set of docks.

Located two hours east of Winnipeg in Whiteshell Provincial Park, West Hawk Lake is one of the most distinctive lakes in Manitoba. It was formed around 100 million years ago when a meteorite struck the area. The lake gradually filled with rainwater, resulting in crystal-clear but refreshingly cool water, even on the hottest summer days.

Within a short walking distance from the campground, you’ll find a selection of restaurants, a convenience store, a museum, and a gas station.

4. Caddy Lake Campground

Beach at Caddy Lake
Beach at Caddy Lake

Nestled in the wooded surroundings along gently rolling terrain near the main beach area, Caddy Lake Campground offers 16 generally spacious, private, and tranquil sites.

As one of the smaller lakes in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Caddy Lake stands out as an excellent destination for canoeing. Three canoe routes originate from this lake. If you are keen on canoeing, do not miss the rock tunnel beneath the railroad tracks at the north end of the lake, providing passage to South Cross Lake.

5. Falcon Lake Campgrounds

Falcon Lake Campgrounds
Falcon Lake Campgrounds

Falcon Lake remains a highly sought-after camping destination within Whiteshell Provincial Park, featuring two delightful campgrounds nestled amid towering pines and lush trees.

The Beach Campground, boasting 234 sites, is strategically situated between the conveniences of the quaint resort town and the beach area.

The Lakeside Campground, offering 155 sites, is approximately 1.5 kilometers from the town but comes with its appealing beach area. However, it’s worth noting that road noise from the Trans-Canada Highway may be a concern in this location.

Both campgrounds provide a range of options, from unserved sites to those equipped with water, sewer, and electricity hookups.

The townsite is easily accessible from both campgrounds, offering various amenities such as restaurants, a mini-mall, and shops. Additionally, a short drive away is one of Manitoba’s premier 18-hole golf courses.

6. Wasagaming Campground

Clear Lake beach, Wasagaming
Clear Lake beach, Wasagaming

Camping at Wasagaming involves more than simply setting up a tent in the woods; instead, your campsite serves as a central hub for various activities within Riding Mountain National Park.

In comparison to other campgrounds on this list, the Wasagaming site is considered luxurious. It offers 427 sites, each equipped with a combination of electricity, water, and sewer services, with comfort stations featuring hot showers. RV sites are available in both back-in and pull-through configurations.

The resort town of Wasagaming provides a plethora of activities to keep you engaged, including a variety of restaurants, shops, an 18-hole golf course, horseback riding, and museums.

7. Birds Hill Campground

Birds Hill Campground
Birds Hill Campground

Nestled just a short 20-minute drive north of the city, Birds Hill Provincial Park Campground stands as one of the largest campgrounds in the province, boasting 476 sites. These sites are strategically arranged in bays, offering a diverse range from unserved and electrical-only to full-service sites equipped with water, sewer, and electricity.

Embraced by the characteristic trees of the region—poplar, birch, and pine—the campground, despite its size, maintains a pleasantly inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a short stay or an extended visit.

The park provides an array of recreational activities, including swimming, biking, hiking, and birding. For those seeking additional experiences, horseback riding and hayrides are also available.

8. Otter Falls Campground

Campgrounds in Manitoba
Campgrounds in Manitoba

Situated at the northern tip of Whiteshell Provincial Park, Otter Falls Campground provides a distinctive Canadian Shield encounter. Diverging from other campgrounds within the park, all positioned along lakes, Otter Falls Campground is technically situated at an expansion of the Winnipeg River.

The campground encompasses 75 sites, featuring a blend of electrical and non-electrical configurations. Strategically positioned water taps are available throughout the grounds, and the comfort stations offer flush toilets and coin-operated showers.

On the western side of the campground, a small beach awaits, serving as a popular spot to witness breathtaking sunsets. Adjacent to it lies a children’s playground. A must-try culinary experience during your camping adventure is indulging in the legendary fried fish at Otter Falls Resort!

Oh, and if you’re on the lookout for Otter Falls, a thorough investigation is required. The falls were submerged during the construction of the hydro dam.

9. Paint Lake Campground

Paint Lake Campground
Paint Lake Campground

For a more rugged terrain, head to the Precambrian Shield country at Paint Lake Provincial Park. Adorned with numerous islands, this lake will undoubtedly inspire you to grab your canoe and embark on an exploration.

Situated approximately eight hours north of Winnipeg, if this is your starting point, consider planning an extended camping adventure.

There are two campgrounds: Paint Lake Campground and Lakeview Campground. The preferred choice is Paint Lake, boasting 86 sites and six yurts. Positioned on a point and enveloped by water on three sides, many sites offer waterfront views, with the lake just steps away.

Campsites vary from unserved to those with amenities like water and electricity.

For boat rentals and essential supplies, Paint Lake Resort and Marina have you covered in case something slips your mind.

10. Brereton Lake Campground

Brereton Lake Campground
Brereton Lake Campground

Located just under 90 minutes east of Winnipeg, Brereton Lake Campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park is easily accessible via Highway 307. As one of the first lakes along the route, Brereton’s proximity to the city makes it a convenient escape.

With a limited 28 sites (including eight with electrical hookups), it is advisable to make reservations in advance, particularly for busy weekends.

The sites offer a mix of waterfront locations and open areas, all within a brief two-minute stroll to the main beach. The addition of new playground structures near the beach in 2020 enhances the campground’s appeal for a delightful family weekend.

Across the road from the campground, Brereton Lake Resort awaits, offering amenities such as a restaurant, an ice cream shop, and a small store with groceries.

11. Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park Campground

Winnipeg Beach
Winnipeg Beach

Camping at Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park is driven by its three kilometers of sandy beach and warm, shallow waters.

Situated at the eastern end of the beach, the campground offers 120 spacious sites, all equipped with water, electricity, and sewerage. With ample size, grassy surroundings, and some tree cover, these sites are well-suited for RVs. Additionally, the campground is a favorable choice for dog owners, thanks to its proximity to the pet beach.

Winnipeg Beach town itself is a vibrant summer destination. A lengthy boardwalk along the water provides an enjoyable stroll, ideally complemented by an ice-cream treat. For those seeking a break from beach activities, the town features shops and arcades lining the main street.

Should you forget any essentials, worry not; stores are conveniently located within a short walking distance and likely to have what you need. If you plan, you might secure a spot during the annual Boardwalk Days celebration.

12. Hecla Gull Harbour Campground

Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park
Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park

Campers with a passion for golf will find Gull Harbour Campground in Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park an ideal destination. Simply retrieve your clubs from the RV, take a short stroll, and start your game at one of Manitoba’s premier golf courses.

With 169 campsites distributed across bays, you are likely to secure a spot, and the sites come in various configurations, including unserved, electric-only, and both electric and water. Nestled under a canopy of birch and poplar trees, the sites are well-spaced.

The beach is conveniently close, along with tennis courts, hiking trails, and biking trails. For those seeking a more indulgent experience, a short drive to Lakeview Hecla Resort offers the opportunity to dine at Seagulls Restaurant.


Q:  What is the best time to visit these campgrounds?

A: The best time to visit varies by campground, but generally, summer, and early fall offer pleasant weather for camping.

Q:  Are pets allowed in these campgrounds?

A: Check the specific campground’s policies, but many are pet-friendly with leash regulations.

Q:  How do I make a reservation?

A: Reservations can typically be made online through the official park or campground websites.

Q: What activities are available at Falcon Beach Ranch?

A: Falcon Beach Ranch offers horseback riding, hiking, and various outdoor activities.

Q:  Can I bring my tent or rent one on-site?

A: Most campgrounds allow you to bring your tent, but some also offer tent rentals for convenience.