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12 Best Places to Visit in Whitehorse Before You Die

12 Best Places to Visit in Whitehorse

Similar to Dawson City, Whitehorse owes its establishment to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. After enduring the challenging and at times perilous journey from Skagway over White Pass, gold prospectors navigated Miles Canyon and Whitehorse Rapids before reaching the wealth of Dawson. The initial arrivals led to the formation of a small settlement on […]

11 Best Places to Visit in Kingston, Ontario

11 Best Places to Visit in Kingston, Ontario

Fondly referred to by locals as “Limestone City” due to the prevalent use of this building material in the construction of its numerous elegant 19th-century homes, Kingston has much to offer both international travelers and day-trippers. Throughout the year, there are engaging activities to enjoy in this city. Boasting a lengthy and fascinating history, Kingston […]

12 Best Places to Visit in Edmonton Before You Die

12 Best Places to Visit in Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, spans both banks of the North Saskatchewan River, situated approximately at the province’s center. Despite a longstanding rivalry with Calgary, just a little over two hours south, which characterizes Edmonton as a dull government town, the reality is quite the opposite. Edmonton stands as Alberta’s cultural hub, boasting outstanding theaters, […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Charlottetown Before You Die

The capital of Prince Edward Island exudes the charm of a tranquil small town; indeed, Charlottetown holds the distinction of being the smallest provincial capital in the country. Navigating the Victorian-era streets and harbor area is a leisurely affair on foot, with tourist attractions conveniently clustered in the central vicinity. Set sail on cruises departing […]

12 Best Resorts in Alberta, Canada

12 Best Resorts in Alberta

Alberta, Canada, provides tourists with an extensive range of magnificent scenery to experience and enjoy. It also happens to be one of the prime destinations for a variety of world-class accommodations, serving as an excellent base to explore the province‘s incredibly diverse and beautiful landscapes. This rugged, natural backdrop sets the stage for some of […]

11 Best Things to Do in Thunder Bay, Ontario

11 Best Things to Do in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Since its inception as a fur trading post in 1816, the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, has undergone significant transformation. With its roots tied to the historic Fort William, this strategically positioned community along the shores of Lake Superior is now recognized as one of northwestern Ontario’s most vibrant cities. The city has evolved into […]

11 Best Places to Visit in Hamilton, Ontario

11 Best Places to Visit in Hamilton, Ontario

Nestled on the western end of Lake Ontario, the port city of Hamilton has long been a cornerstone of Canada’s industrial landscape. Over time, it has transformed into a sought-after destination, offering a plethora of attractions to captivate visitors. Easily accessible for a day trip from Toronto and a mere 40-minute drive from Niagara Falls, […]

14 Best Places to Visit in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, boasting the nation’s largest city, Toronto, and serving as the capital in Ottawa, is not only an urban hub but also an expanse of wilderness and pristine lakes. Home to one of Canada’s most frequented natural wonders, Niagara Falls, this vast province, approximately 15 times larger than the state of Texas, offers limitless opportunities […]

12 Best Things to Do in Winnipeg

12 Best Things to Do in Winnipeg

Author Michael Law, who grew up in Winnipeg, and his wife, author Lana Law, were long-time residents of the city and make an annual return. Internationally recognized as the home of the Winnipeg Jets, the city’s NHL team, Winnipeg is also nationally acclaimed for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. Locals, affectionately known as “Peggers,” […]

12 Best Beaches in Ontario You Need to Vist

12 Best Beaches in Ontario

During the warm, lengthy, and humid summers in the most populous regions of Ontario, many residents escape the urban heat by heading to the beach. Ontario’s beaches showcase the province’s diversity, with some resembling Caribbean getaways, boasting white sand and crystal-clear water that takes on shades of blue and turquoise in the sunlight. Others are […]